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Vogt, Roman (1833-1890)

VOGT – on Tuesday night, July 22, 1890, at his residence on the
River aux Vases, Roman Vogt deid at the age of 56 years, 11
months, and 7 days. Mr. Vogt had for some time been suffering
with a bad case of throat disease, which almost prevented him
from swallowing solid food. He had contracted the disease
during a nine month service in the Federal Army during the late
Civil War. He was a member of the J. Felix St. James GAR post
of this place and a number of his comrades were present at the
funeral, which took place in the River aux Vases cemetery, on

Roman Vogt was born July 30, 1833 in Windschlag, Offenburg,
Baden, Germany. He was twice married. His first wife being
Marie Louisa Gegg whom he married Jan. 28, 1858 in Zell. She
was born June 2, 1840, the daughter of Joseph Gegg and Josepha
Woerther. Six children are known: Maria Regina, Joseph William,
Josephine, Anton, John Emil, and Louise Rosina. Following the
death of Louisa, Roman married Albertine Gegg, on January 1,
1877, a sister of his first wife, with whom he had lived 11
years but had no children. A descendant relates that Roman and
Albertine were married in a civil ceremony as the Catholic
Church would not recognize a marriage between a brother- and
sister-in-law. Later a dispensation was granted and the
marriage was recognized by the church.

The deceased was an upright Christian and was well respected by
all who knew him. May he rest in peace. [Ste. Genevieve
Herald, 7-26-1890; family info to them from George and Mary

Note: Roman was drafted, in the fall of ’64 in Co. K 21st
Missouri Infantry. He was discharged October 3, 1865 at Mobile,


St. Phillip & St. James Catholic Cemetery

Directions: from Ste. Genevieve, go towards Farmington on Hwy 32. (Or from further North, take hwy 55 S to the Ste. Genevieve Farmington exit.) After you go over hwy 55, turn left on hwy B. Follow until you see River Aux Vases Rd, on the right, should be a church sign there as well. Follow that until you see the cemetery up a hill on the right, you can’t miss it!

This is a partial listing

Beck Maria Albertina 6 Mar 1830 12 Feb 1888
Fritsch Anna Adelheid 30 Sep 1895 28 Oct 1956
Fritsch Francis George 17 Feb 1891 13 Jan 1934
Fritsch Mathilda 14 Mar 1870 28 Apr 1942 (shares stone with William, below)
see Fritsch,
Fritsch William J. 1 Sep 1864 20 Jun 1936 (shares stone with Mathilda, above)
Kreitler Aloysius b/d 5 June 1892
Kreitler Anna Maria Magdalena 2 Oct 1886 12 Dec 1914
Kreitler Daniel 18 Jun 1827 24 Mar 1901
Kreitler Daniel John 20 Dec 1893 2 Jun 1967 s/s Lucy
Kreitler Francis 4 May 1857 13 Oct 1929
Kreitler Francis Xavier 22 Sep 1884 12 Feb 1908
see Kreitler,
Kreitler Lucy Anna 29 Aug 1899 15 Jan 1991 (shares stone with Daniel John above)
Kreitler Magdalena 1 Mar 1860 May 1896
Kreitler Tharsille 7 Dec 1834 19 Dec 1899
Jokerst Cecila 14 Dec 1833 2 Apr 1920
Jokerst Michael 26 Jul 1829 21 Apr 1907
Naeger Mary A. 1842 1906
Naeger William 22 May 1839 8 Sep 1869
Vogt Louisa Marie 2 Jun 1840 2 Apr 1876
Vogt Roman 30 Jul 1833 22 Jul 1890