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  1. Author

    Thomure, LaBruyere, Govro, Winston

    Flieg, Krietler, Hoog, Fritsch, Grass

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    1. My great grandmother was Rosalie Govro, wife of
      Joseph Rosatti Govro. I would be interested in exchanging information.

    2. My husband is a LaBriere, his grandmother was Mary Shaw.

    3. Also a flieg/hoog, through Anastasia, who married a Hefti.

    4. My G-G-Grandmother was Mary Thomure, D/O Joseph Thomure, W/O Frank Aubuchon/Obuchon. Joseph was a Union soldier.

    5. Also, Mary Thomure’s mother was Marie L Griffard, D/O Charles C. Griffard and Eulalie J Gouvreau (b.2 May 1807, Ste. Genevieve), and Eulalie was D/O Hanri Gouvreau, and G-Grandaughter of Don Francois Valle

      1. I am interested in finding someone who descends from a legitimate child of Francois Valle and who has DNA testing through 23 & me. I am believed to descend from Francois Valle through his daughter Margarite – daughter of an Indiana woman .

    6. I am Govereau. My great grandmother was Ellen Govereau Married to Wm Mitchell. She died. In 1903,, same year my grandma Mamie Mitchell was born.

      Ellen mom was Cassandra Vandiver Married to Henry Govereau. Previous was Franciscus Govereau. I know Ellen had at least two sisters, Julia & Mary.

      All from St Francios Co, Missouri.

  2. Bahr, Brown, Hauck, Martin

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  3. Bahr, Seitz, Muehlhausler, Eder, Bieser, Sahr/Saar
    DeGonia (Desgagnes, Degagne), Politte-Raubert, Boyer, Reaume, Pelletier

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  4. Reed, Layton, Lurk, Flieg, Trautman, Hoog, and Winston

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  5. Hartzell, Goza, Boyer, Marsh, DeGonia, Politte-Raubert, Blais/Ble,

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  6. Miller, Friedman, Wolk, Schwent

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    1. William Miller, contact me please at (Enable Javascript to see the email address)

  7. Winston, Siebert, Murphy, Bressie, Klein, LaRose, Ranger, Thomure, Sucher, Boyer, Bequette, St. Claire

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  8. Misse, Missier, Missey, Bischoff

  9. Ayers – McKee – Buell – Hunt – Bagot – Duvall – Tibbet – Brown – Greene

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  10. Thurman, Adams, Drury, Cash

    1. My grandmother was Clara Elsba Thurman, wife of John Wesley Patterson. She was the daughter of Perrin Fulton Thurman and Martha Ann Andrews, and granddaughter of Andrew Thurman and Nancy Jones. If this sounds like your line, please contact me. Thanks.

      Pat Hotze
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  11. John Oklass and descendants

  12. Misse/Missier, Bischoff

  13. William C Aikman – spouse of Elizabeth Holloman

  14. George Cofer Rev War soldier died in Ste Genevieve Co Mo in 1837

  15. Siebert, Sucher, Webery, Wieberg,, Dallas, Lipp, Reichert, Schumert

  16. John McClanahan is my 4th great grandfather.

  17. Joseph Motier and his descendants.
    A cousin from France :)

  18. Joseph S Humphrey m. Elizabeth Ann Oklass on Oct. 27, 1850 in Ste Genevieve. Looking for info on Oklass family as well as Joseph and Elizabeth’s children. Joseph was my great grandfather.

  19. schmeiderer, Schmeider, Schmiederer, Schmieder, jokerst, Joggerest

  20. Stringfield/Simpson/Brock

  21. I am searching the name William Evans, married to Mary Ann Degunia.

    Also, Agnes, born 1872 who was married to Peter B. Boyer …would like to find their marriage date

  22. My e-mail is rebeccavsplain at gmail .com and I am reserching Schilli, Siebert, Herzog, and Hurst. Thank you!

  23. Baumann, Kreitler, Jokerst, Wolk, Siebert, Joggerst, Grass, Fallert, Armbruster, Oberle, and Siebert.

  24. Siebert and Bahr, specifically Frank and Rosa, married 1892.

    1. Kristal, I’m related to the Bahr line. Are you looking specifically for information and if so, what? Do you have photos of Frank and Rosa?

      1. I was so excited to see your response, I forgot to say “Thank You” for replying to my post. :-)

      2. Becky, I have been browsing months of the Herald newspapers from the 1800’s and have some article snippets if You’re interested. For instance, the wedding write up of Frank and Rosa, the death notice of Frank and Rosa’s first child, named Harry, not Henry, and died in 1895, Frank purchased the Star Livery Stable in the Spring of 1896, died several months later.

        I also found Barthey’s death notice and an article about Henry Bahr dynamite accident while working in the quarry.

        1. Sending out several emails to you. I hope they help your research. If you could keep me in mind, should you stumble upon anything related to Frank and Rosa, I would appreciate. BTW, who are you descended from?

          1. My line is Martin Sr and Genevieve Heitz;; Martin Jr and Sophia Guethle; Joseph Martin and Theresia Mühlhausler; and George Joseph and Anna Catherine Bieser whose daughter Stella was my grandmother.

  25. I do not have photos of Frank and Rosa, only their son Bernie(my grandfather). Frank died at 27 and Rosa and Bernie moved back to her parents, Bartholomew and Regina Bahr, until she married Andrew Thomure. I assume any photos would be with Rosa’s Family and was hopeful I could connect with someone that might have something.

    1. Your line is related to me through Bartholomew’s step brother, Martin. Bartly (as he was called) and Martin’s father was Martin Sr. but Bartly was the son of Zazillia Leiterman who died after the birth of Matthias, and Martin was the son of Genevieve Heitz, the second wife. They immigrated to the US through the port of New Orleans in 1847 and traveled up river to Ste. Genevieve. So, hello cousin. I am also related to the Sieberts through my Mühlhausler line.

  26. I’d love to have them. You can email them to me at
    (Enable Javascript to see the email address).
    I looked to see if I have any photos of them and I don’t but I do have a family photo of Bartolomew that I can send to you. It was given to me by Mena Winters who was a descended from this line. She passed a few years ago and I don’t know if her family kept her genealogy.

    1. OMG, that would be awesome! My email is (Enable Javascript to see the email address). If interested in any of the above-described, let me know. I have some great photos of Bernie, if interested.

      1. Yes, please send me anything, especially photos of unknown Bahrs. I may be able to identify them.
        Thank you.

  27. I have emailed…please confirm you received them ALL. Lol!

  28. Detchemendy, St Gemme De Beauvais (this might be a last name. If it is, its new to me, but its what I am finding in records)

  29. working on Jacob Lindy who married Emily Isabella Voelker. Jacob was shot & killed by Charles Adans the marshall of st. mary Aug. 1884.

    1. I’m a descendant of Jacob Lindy/John Bernard Lindy and have some limited information on my line and the application for soldier survivor benefits for some of his minor children.

  30. Researching Francois Lebeau who purchased a home in Ste. Genevieve in August 1760 and married Marguerite Perthuis probably in that year. We want to validate that this Francois was the son of Marien Lebeau of Boucherville, Quebec. 4th entry in the baptismal records for the church in Ste. Genevieve is for their son Francois.

  31. What a wealth of information to share on those surnames in St. Francios Co, Mo. My surnames are Mitchell, Govereau, Aubuchon, Gibson, Wells. All born there and trying to build my my tree from all the above. I can be contacted would live to share.

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