John S. Barrett – Margaret Patterson Family History

According to 1850 and 1860 Missouri Census data, John Stephen Barrett was born in North Carolina around 1791.   The names of John's parents were not passed down to his current descendents in either family records or family lore.  However, words found on a Holloman family monument in the family cemetery plot where a Mary Barrett Holloman is buried state that Mary was born in NC in 1783 and her parents were Joseph and Winnie Barrett.  That Mary Barrett Holloman is thought to be John's older sister and those words would imply that Joseph and Winnie Barrett were his parents too.

An 1893 Goodspeed biosketch of John Barrett's son Dr. Beverly Allen Barrett stated that before the Revolutionary War John's (unnamed) paternal grandfather migrated from Ireland to Virginia where he settled and raised his large family, including John's (unnamed) father who fought for independence during that War.  The biosketch indicated that John was born in the late 1700s and that he had a large number of brothers and sisters.  The biosketch went on to say that John's family migrated to Tennessee while he was still a boy and that around 1811 he migrated from Tennessee to Missouri where he settled in Ste. Genevieve Co.  John's various siblings were said to have settled in Tennessee, Kentucky and Missouri.

Interestingly, that 1893 Goodspeed biosketch of Dr. Beverly A. Barrett stated that John's father (unnamed in the biosketch) was killed in the Revolutionary War during the Battle of Cowpens.  Revolutionary War records do show that a Joseph Barrett died in that battle.  However, since the Battle of Cowpens occurred in Jan. 1781 (10 years before John S. Barrett was born), it is obvious that John's father could not have been killed in that battle and also father a son some nine years after he had died.   Possibly Dr. B. A. Barrett or one of his children obtained records from the U.S. War Department that a Joseph Barrett died at the Battle of Cowpens and, knowing John's father was named Joseph Barrett, did they mistakenly assume that Joseph Barrett had been John's father?  

The only Joseph Barrott/Barrett listed in the 1800 Census for North Carolina lived in Wake Co. with a wife, one son and two daughters.  This Joseph and his wife were both age 45 or older and their three children were all between the ages 10-15.   It is very likely this Joseph was the father of John S. Barrett and the Mary Barrett who married Edmund B. Holloman in Wake County NC in 1804.  Information published about Edmund Holloman's family reported that Mary and Edmund Holloman and their oldest child Allan moved from Wake Co. NC to northeastern TN in 1807 and remained in TN until 1810 when they moved to Missouri.  Holloman family lore indicates that around 1810-1811 the Holloman couple and a brother of Mary joined a wagon train that was headed from northeastern TN to Missouri and that the group of settlers first established homesteads in the Cape Girardeau district.  Reportedly, these settlers moved north to Ste. Genevieve Co. MO in late 1812 due to the devastation wrought to their original homesteads by the series of New Madrid earthquakes that struck Missouri in 1811 and 1812.  It seems very likely that John S. Barrett's parents moved from Wake Co. NC to TN between 1800 and 1807 and that the Holloman couple moved from NC to TN to live near Mary Barrett Holloman's parents and siblings.  Since the 1821 will of Edmund Holloman named his wife Mary and John S. Barrett as co-executors of his estate, it is also very likely that John S. Barrett was the Barrett brother who traveled with the Hollomans to MO.

John S. Barrett and the Hollomans settled in the New Tennessee settlement located in the Saline township of Ste. Genevieve Co. MO.  John established his homestead just southeast of the present day town of Coffman, MO, while Edmund Holloman claimed land along the Saline Creek near the community today known as Avon, MO.  Originally Avon was established as Bolivia, MO, in 1828 but later became known as Patterson until its name was changed to Avon in 1849.  Presumably, it got the name Patterson in honor of one or more of the members of the Patterson family who lived in the New Tennessee settlement in the 1820s-1840s: James, John and Joseph Patterson.  The 70-80 year-old James Patterson listed in the 1830 census living near Edmund Holloman (in the Avon area) is thought to have been the father of Margaret Patterson who married John S. Barrett around 1812.  The John and Joseph Patterson listed in the 1830 census living near John S. Barrett's family (just outside Coffman) are thought to have been Margaret's brothers.

According to the previously mentioned biosketch of Dr. Beverly Allen Barrett, Margaret Patterson Barrett's parents were Margaret Carr and James Patterson.  The biosketch reported that James was of Scottish descent and that he had lost an eye fighting for independence in the Revolutionary War.  A Revolutionary War pension application submitted for James Patterson in Ste. Genevieve in 1832 indicated that James had been born in Cumberland Co, PA, in 1755 and that his family had moved to York Co. SC when he was ten.  Most likely, James Patterson met and married Margaret Carr in South Carolina after he served in the Revolutionary War.  Their daughter Margaret was born in South Carolina around 1792.  According to Barrett family lore, James and his family moved to Maury Co. TN (probably in the very early 1800s).  Some years later they moved on to Ste. Genevieve Co. MO where he and his wife remained until their deaths: James' death between 1832 and 1840 and his wife's between 1840 and 1850.  

John and Margaret Barrett probably met in Missouri and married around 1811 or 1812.  During the course of their long marriage, the Barrett couple had ten children:  James William (b. 1813), Nancy (b. abt. 1814),  Joseph (b. abt. 1816), Mary A. (b. abt. 1818), John C. (b. abt. 1822), Beverly A. (b. 1824-1826), George R. (b. 1827-1828), A. Clark (b. 1829-1830), Jane (b. 1833) and Mildred (b. 1836).  John’s main occupation in Ste. Genevieve County was farmer but he also dabbled in politics.  He was elected Judge of the St. Genevieve County Court from 1822-1824, then county assessor from 1828-1831.  John was also elected to the Missouri state legislature (i.e. the General Assembly) from 1828-1830.  Between 1831 and 1835 he was Post Master for the area around Avon (Patterson), MO.  In addition, he served as the sheriff of St. Genevieve County for at least one term.  He was appointed the 1840 Census taker for Ste. Genevieve County and those Census records are in his handwriting.   At some point before 1850, John apparently decided to become a physician, and after appropriate training, took up the practice of medicine.  At least four of his sons also became physicians.

In the 1840s, John moved his family from Ste. Genevieve Co. to Dallas Co. MO where he homesteaded about 40 acres.  By 1860 John and Margaret had moved to the community of Ebenezer in Greene Co. MO where they remained until they died sometime before 1870.  Two (likely three) of John and Margaret's sons also died between 1860 and 1870, all doctors.  Possibly their deaths were related to the difficult times of the Civil War.

CHILDREN of Margaret Carr and John S. Barrett

JAMES WILLIAM BARRETT was born on January 26, 1813 in Ste. Genevieve Co. MO.  He grew up helping his father farm their homestead just south of current day Coffman, MO.  J. W. married Elizabeth Graham on March 30, 1843, when he was thirty years old and she was about twenty-five.  They settled on land near his father's new homestead in Dallas County in the 1840s where they farmed and raised their seven children.  That land later became part of Webster Co. Missouri.  J. W. died in 1882 and was buried in Dallas Co. MO on the old Graham farm in a family cemetery that today is known as the Graham Cemetery.  Apparently,  J. W. was fond of naming his children for family members as he named one son for his father John S., two sons for his brothers Joseph and Beverly A. and one son with his own two names in reverse.  When his brother John C. Barrett died during the 1860s, J. W. and his wife took in the brother's daughter (and most likely also her brother) to raise.  Interestingly, J. W.'s  youngest son William James Barrett married a granddaughter of J. W.'s brother Beverly Allen Barrett.

NANCY S. BARRETT was born around 1814 in Ste. Genevieve Co.  When she was about thirty years old, she married the Rev. John W. York, a widower who lived in St. Clair Co. IL with his young son and three daughters.  Nancy's family first met Rev. York in 1827 when he was assigned as their Methodist-Episcopal preacher in the "Saline" Circuit of southeast Missouri.  At that time it took him eight weeks to visit each of the congregations in that circuit.  Rev. York and his first wife settled in Illinois shortly after they married and she gave birth to eight children before she died in the late 1830s (only four of her children were living in 1840).  Nancy Barrett acquired a ready made family when she married John in 1843.  Unfortunately, only ten months after she married, Nancy died of cholera in 1844.  A few years later her husband remarried to his third wife and then moved his family to Oregon.

JOSEPH BARRETT was born about 1816.  Reportedly he died around age 24, probably in Ste. Genevieve Co. MO.

MARY A. BARRETT was born about 1818 in Ste. Genevieve Co.   In 1851 Mary married Morris M. McClure, a physician who practiced in Greene Co. MO in the early 1850s.  They had two children, Joseph Clark and Ella McClure, before Mary died around 1857 in Springfield, MO.  After Mary's death, her children went to live with her parents for a few years until Morris was able to take over their care.   

JOHN C. BARRETT was born about 1822 in Ste. Genevieve Co.  During the 1840s John trained to become a physician, like his father, and in 1850 he was practicing medicine in Upper Fourche, AR, in Yell Co.  He may have been influenced to move to Arkansas by Madden and Holmes friends who had moved from Ste. Genevieve Co. to that area in the early 1840s.  Around 1852 John married Lucy F. Wood and a year later their daughter Deborah (called "Dora") was born in Arkansas.  By the time their son John Ivan was born in 1859, John had moved his family to Dallas Co. MO where they lived near his parents and siblings.  Lucy died in mid 1860 and John remarried a local girl, Eliza Jane Warden, in 1862.  John died sometime in the mid to late 1860s in Buffalo, MO (Dallas Co.), and his brother James William Barrett took in at least one and, most likely, both of John's children to raise.  In 1870 both of John's children were living next door to their uncle J. W. Barrett.

BEVERLY ALLEN BARRETT was born in 1826 in Ste. Genevieve Co.  He was obviously named for the Beverly Allen who served as Ste. Genevieve's representative to the lower house of the Missouri state legislature between 1826-1828.  Reportedly, Beverly A. was privately tutored as he grew up in Ste. Genevieve and then was sent to school in Fredericktown, MO.  Around 1846 he went to medical school in St. Louis where he trained two years to become a physician.  In 1848 Dr. B. A. Barrett married Susan Randleman, who had been born in Illinois, and they settled in Dallas Co. MO where he opened his medical practice.   In 1858 he moved his wife and their young children to Springfield, MO (in Greene Co.), where he practiced medicine until 1863 when he was arrested during the Civil War for helping a condemned Confederate prisoner escape.  For his participation in aiding that escape, the Union forces imprisoned Dr. B. A. Barrett until the end of the War in the Gratiot Street Prison in St. Louis (a medical school before the war).  Sadly, his wife Susan died while he was imprisoned in St. Louis.  After the War ended, Dr. B. A. Barrett remained in St. Louis practicing medicine until about 1870 when he moved his family and his medical practice back to Greene Co.  In 1871 he married Mary Priest and the couple settled in Springfield, MO.  While Dr. Barrett and Mary had no children together, they took in and raised four of his granddaughters after their mother (his daughter Mary J. Barrett Moore) died.  One of these granddaughters married his brother James William Barrett's youngest son.  Dr. B. A. Barrett died in 1899 and his second wife Mary in 1937.  Both are buried at Maple Park Cemetery in Springfield, MO.

GEORGE R. BARRETT was born between 1827-1828 in Ste. Genevieve Co. MO.  He moved with his parents to Dallas Co. in the 1840s and helped his father with farming until sometime in the early 1850s when he trained in medicine to become a physician like his father and some of his brothers.  He opened his practice a few miles north of Springfield, MO, in the community of Ebenezer, where his parents had moved around 1857.  George married Francis L. Sims and their first daughter was born in 1857.  He and Francis had another daughter and two sons before George died near the end of the Civil War in 1865.  Francis raised their four children alone in Robberson, MO.  Their sons (John R. and George R. Barrett) both became druggists, one daughter (Mary J. Barrett) married a druggist and the second daughter (Anna M. Barrett) married a grocer.

A. CLARK BARRETT was born around 1830 in Ste. Genevieve Co. MO.  Like his slightly older brother George, Clark moved with his parents to Dallas Co. in the 1840s and helped his father with farming until sometime in the early to mid 1850s when he trained in medicine to become a physician like his father and a number of his brothers.  In the late 1850s he opened his medical practice in the Benton township of Dallas County Missouri where his older brother John was practicing medicine.  In 1860 Clark was listed in the Dallas County Census with a seventeen year old wife named Ada who had been born in Arkansas.  Sometime between 1860 and 1863 the young couple had a son Clark S. Barrett.  Apparently A. Clark Barrett died in 1862 or 1863 and his brother-in-law Dr. Zacharia Van Hoose served as the administrator overseeing the money he left to his young son Clark S. Barrett.

JANE BARRETT was born in 1833 in Ste. Genevieve Co. MO.  She moved with her parents to Dallas Co. MO in the 1840s and died around age 18 in the early 1850s.

MILDRED BARRETT was born in 1836 in Ste. Genevieve Co. MO.  She moved with her parents to Dallas Co. in the 1840s and then to the community of Ebenezer, MO, a few miles north of Springfield in Greene Co. during the mid to late 1850s.   She married Dr. Zacharia Van Hoose around 1867 and they settled a little south of Springfield, MO, in the Brookline township.  By 1880 they had two daughters and two sons living.  Between 1880 and 1888, one of those sons (John Lee) and her husband died.  Mildred and her three surviving children (Mary Ella, Lydia Louise and James B.) moved to Springfield before 1900.  Her two daughters grew up to became teachers and her son became a druggist. When she  died in 1919, Mildred was buried Maple Park Cemetery in Springfield where her brother Beverly Allen Barrett, her husband Zacharia and at least three of her children (Lydia Louise, John Lee and James B.) are buried.  


01 John Stephen BARRETT, physician, prob. son of Joseph and Winnie Barrett
                           b. abt. 1791 NC; d. bet. 1860-1870 Ebenezer, MO
  +  Margaret PATTERSON, daug. of Margaret Carr & James Patterson;
                           b. 1792 SC; d. d. bet. 1860-1870 Ebenezer, MO;
                           m. abt. 1811  
     02 James William BARRETT, b. 01-26-1813 Ste. Genevieve Co. MO;  
                           d. 05-16-1882 near Conway, MO;
        + Elizabeth GRAHAM, b. 07-16-1818 TN;
                           d. 05-08-1902 near Conway, MO;
                           m. 03-30-1843 MO
          03 Richard Clark BARRETT, b. 02-11-1845 Dallas Co. MO;
                           d. 10-13-1927 MO (prob. Wright Co. MO)
             + Sarah F. LastNameUnk, b. 10-19-1846; 03-03-1920 MO
                           m. 1875 MO
          03 John Stevens BARRETT, b. 10-08-1846 Dallas Co. MO;
                           d. 07-23-1940 Webster Co. MO
             + Elizabeth  LastNameUnk, b. 1853; d. 1935
                04 Edna BARRETT, b. 1884 MO
                04 Inez BARRETT, b. 1890 MO
                   + m1. a YOUNG?, father of Inez Young?
                   + m2. Calvin W. HAYMES, b. 1894 MO
          03 Nancy Caroline BARRETT, b. 09-05-1848 Dallas Co. MO;
                           d. 07-23-1940 Webster Co. MO
          03 Sarah Ann BARRETT, b. 10-11-1851 MO; d. NM
          03 Joseph Coke BARRETT, b. 12-31-1852 MO; d. 05-10-1869 MO
          03 Beverly Allen BARRETT, b. 09-25-1855 MO; d. 09-12-1879 MO
          03 William James BARRETT, b. 09-20-1858 MO; d. 05-28-1939 MO
             + Elizabeth "Bettie" L. MOORE, b. 12-08-1871 Forsyth, MO;
                           d. 03-21-1953 MO;
                           m. 01-24-1888 MO          
                04 Beverly Allen BARRETT, b. Mar 1889 Webster Co. MO
                04 James H.  BARRETT, b. May 1891 Webster Co. MO
     02 Nancy S. BARRETT, b. abt 1814 Ste. Genevieve Co. MO; d. 1844 IL
                           m. 09-05-1843
        + Rev. John W. YORK, b. 09-13-1801 GA; d. 02-19-1884 Corvallis, OR
     02 Joseph BARRETT, b. 1816 Ste. Genevieve Co. MO; d. abt 1840 MO
     02 Mary A. BARRETT, b. 1818 Ste. Genevieve Co. MO;
                           d. abt. 1857 in Springfield, MO;
        + Morris Mitchell McCLURE, physician, b. 05-12-1824 TN;
                           d. 12-05-1907
                           m. 10-28-1851 Greene Co. MO
          03 Joseph Clark McCLURE, b. abt. 1853 MO
          03 Ella McCLURE, b. abt. 1857 MO
     02 John C. BARRETT, physician, b. abt. 1822 Ste. Genevieve Co. MO;
                           d. bet. 1862-1870 Buffalo, MO
        + m1. Lucy F. WOOD, b. 06-17-1827 TN; d. 07-22-1860 Dallas Co. MO;
                           m. 1850 AR
          03 Deborah "Dora" BARRETT, b. abt. 1853 AR; d. 1907 TX
             + James JAMESON
                04 Roberta Barrett JAMESON, b. 1891 TX
          03 John Ivan BARRETT, b. JAN 1859 MO; d. 1924 AR
        + m2. Eliza J. WARDEN, 2nd wife of John C. Barrett, b. 1830 TN
                           m. 08-28-1862 Webster Co. MO
     02 Beverly Allen BARRETT, physician, b. 01-08-1826 Ste. Genevieve Co. MO;
                           d. 06-01-1899 MO, buried Maple Park Cemetery, Springfield
        + m1. Susan RANDLEMAN, b. abt. 1826 IL; d. 1863 St. Louis MO;
                           m. 1848 MO
          03 Mary J. BARRETT, b. abt. 1849 MO; d. 1876 MO
             + Milton Harvey MOORE, b. abt 1837 TN; d. bet. 1870-1880
                04 Margaret Ada MOORE, b. abt. 1868 MO
                04 Zachariah MOORE, b. abt 1869 MO
                04 Elizabeth L. MOORE, b. 12-08-1871 Forsyth, MO;
                           d.03-21-1953 MO
                   + William James BARRETT, b. 09-20-1858 MO; d. 05-28-1939 MO;
                           m. 01-24-1888 MO
                04 Lula Louise MOORE, b. abt. 1873 MO
                04 Mary Ida MOORE, b. abt 1865 MO
          03 Edward George BARRETT, b. 1852 MO; d. 1924 WY
             + m1. Lula MORGAREIDGE, b. Oct. 1859 OH; m. 1877 MO; divorc. 1901 MT
                04 Simeon Allen BARRETT, b. 12-16-1882 MO; d. 06-24-1969 MT
                   + Emily BATES, b. 04-07-1883 England; d. 03-03-1966 MT;
                           m. 12-16-1902 SD
                04 Charles BARRETT, b. 08-07-1886 NE
                04 Mabel BARRETT, b. 02-13-1891 WY; d. Hanford, CA
             + m2. Alice "Allie" May REDDING, b. abt. 1876 MO
                           m. 1906 MT
                04 Beverly Allen BARRETT, b. 07-24-1910 WY; d. Aug 1984 FL
                04 Lee E. BARRETT, b. 1913 WY; d. aft. 1992
                04 Helen M. BARRETT, b. 1918 WY; d. 1978 OR
                04 Harry R. BARRETT,  b. 1918 WY; d. 1992 NV
          03 Ada BARRETT, b. abt. 1856 MO
             + George MYGOTT,  
                           m. 03-05-1889 MO
          03 Frederick Allen BARRETT, b. 06-08-1858 MO; d. 02-27-1920 St. Louis, MO
             + Anna Myrah RADFORD, b. 08-28-1857 IL, d. 07-16-1928 St. Louis, MO
                           m. 07-27-1881 St. Louis, MO
                04 Ada BARRETT, b. abt. 1887 Kansas  
                04 Robert L. BARRETT, b. abt. 1889 Kansas  
          03 Robert L. BARRETT, b. abt. 1863 MO; d. March 1900
             + Julia C. "Lula" BURNS, b. abt. 1867; d. 03-26-1944 Springfield, MO
                04 Leah/Leo BARRETT, b. abt 1887 MO
                04 Beverly Allen BARRETT, b. abt 1889 MO
                04 Mary BARRETT
                   + a YOUNGER
                04 George BARRETT, b. abt. 1892 MO
                04 Robert BARRETT, b. abt. 1894 MO
                04 Margaret BARRETT
                   + a PECK
                04 Helen BARRETT, b. abt 1897 MO
                   + a RENRICI
        + m2. Mary PRIEST, 2nd wife of Beverly A. Barrett, b. 09-24-1845 TN;
                           d. 08-06-1937, buried Maple Park Cemetery Springfield, MO
                           m. 1871 MO
     02 George R. BARRETT, physician, b. bet. 1827-1828 Ste. Genevieve Co. MO;
                           d. abt. 1865 MO
        + Francis L. SIMS, b. abt 1837 TN; d. aft 1880
                           m. abt. 1855
                04 Mary J. BARRETT, b. Feb 12, 1857 MO; d. 05-02-1912 Springfield, MO
                   + William REED, b. 02-05-1851; d. 04-30-1930 Springfield, MO; m. abt 1878
                04 Anna M. BARRETT, b. 05-11-1859 MO; d. 09-20-1931 MO
                   + Alferd V. BALL, b. May 1857 England
                04 John R. BARRETT, b. Dec 1862 MO; d. 08-28-1915 Albuquerque, NM
                   + Margaret A. PIPKIN, b. May 1863 MO; m. 09-27-1887 MO
                04 George R. BARRETT, b. Dec 1865 MO; d. 01-26-1943 Neodesha, KA
                   +m1. Rebecca BROWNING, b. 01-28-1868; d. 06-24-1896; m. 11-27-1890
                       05 Rinker Reed BARRETT, b. 07-22-1892 MO; d. 11-14-1943 MO
                   +m2. Kate C. LastNameUnk, b. abt. 1870 OH; m. bet. 1900-1910
     02 A. Clark BARRETT, physician, b. abt. 1830 Ste. Genevieve Co. MO;
                           d. abt. 1863  
        + Ada LastNameUnk, b. abt. 1853 AR
          03 Clark S. BARRETT, b. bet. 1860-1863 MO    
     02 Jane BARRETT, b. abt. 1833 Ste. Genevieve Co. MO;
                           d. abt. 1851 MO
     02 Mildred R. BARRETT, b. 12-04-1836 Ste. Genevieve Co. MO;
                           d. 03-26-1919 MO, buried Maple Park Cemetery, Springfield
        + Zacharia VAN HOOSE, physician, b. 1823 KY; d. 1887 MO
                           m. abt. 1867 MO
                04 Mary Ella VAN HOOSE, b. Mar 1868 MO; d. aft. 1900
                04 Lydia Louise VAN HOOSE, b. Feb 1870 MO; d. 12-02-1961 MO
                04 John Lee VAN HOOSE, b. 1872 MO; d. 1881, buried Springfield, MO
                04 James B. VAN HOOSE, b. 09-29-1874; d. 09-27-1931 Springfield, MO
                   + Agnes/Emaline LastNameUnk, b. abt 1896 LA
                04 ?Samuel M. VAN HOOSE?, b. 1877 MO; d. 1879, buried Springfield, MO

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