John Patterson (1790-1847) Family History by Lynn Fusinato and Audrey Steffee

John Patterson was living in the Saline township of Ste. Genevieve County just east of Coffman, MO, when he died in 1847. (Will Probated 31 day August 1847.) He had obtained the patents for his Missouri homestead in the mid 1820s and he had probably been living on the land as early as 1818 and very likely since 1812. A Joseph Patterson, thought to have been John's brother, obtained a land patent to property very close to John's homestead during the mid 1820s and in the 1830s both of these Pattersons obtained patents to more property close to their original homesteads. According to Ste. Genevieve County census data recorded in 1830, both John and Joseph were born between 1780-1790 and both had seven children. The only other Pattersons listed in the Saline township in the 1830 Census was a 70-80 year old James Patterson and his 60-70 year old wife probably near the community of Avon, MO. This old couple are thought to have been the parents of John and Joseph and of the Margaret Patterson who was married to John S. Barrett, a nearby neighbor of John and Joseph's. According to a Goodspeed biosketch of Beverly A. Barrett, a son of Margaret Patterson Barrett, Margaret's parents were Margaret Carr and James Patterson, a Revolutionary War veteran who died in Ste. Genevieve Co. MO. An application for a Revolutionary War pension filed in Ste. Genevieve Co. in Sept 3, 1832 by James Patterson indicated that James had been born in Cumberland Co, PA, in 1755 and that his family had moved to York Co. SC when he was ten. The pension records show that James' younger brother who lived in Washington Co. MO in 1832 provided testimony vouching for the validity of James' pension claim. (Most likely James' brother was the Joseph Patterson listed in the 1830 census for Washington Co.) Census data and Barrett family lore indicates that James' daughter Margaret was born in South Carolina around 1792. Some years after the War, James moved his family west, reportedly, first to Maury Co. TN (probably around 1805) and a bit later on to Ste. Genevieve where he and his wife remained until their deaths. Since James was not listed in the 1840 census for Ste. Genevieve Co. while John S. Barrett's household had acquired an elderly (80-90) year old woman, it is very likely that James died between 1832 and 1840 and his wife Margaret went to live with her daughter's family. Margaret Patterson likely died between 1840 and 1850 as she was not listed in the Ste. Genevieve Co. Census data for 1850. Apparently, Joseph Patterson, his wife and children moved away from Ste. Genevieve Co. in the late 1830s. It is not known what happened to Joseph and his descendents. John Patterson and his family were still living in the Saline township at the time of the 1840 Census and his newly married oldest son James lived separately but close by. His daughter Jane Patterson had married English immigrant Thomas Cheesbrough and they lived next door to William Holmes in the Beauvais township of Ste. Genevieve Co. According to probate records, John Patterson died in late July or very early August 1847. One probate paper dated Aug. 31, 1847, named his heirs (his children and sons-in-law): James, Martha (married to George W. Roe), Jane (married to Thomas Cheesbrough), Lorenzo B., Margaret, John G. and Relfe/Ralph Patterson. John's wife was not named and may have died before he did. No record of her name has been found so far. This group of Pattersons belonged to the Methodist-Episcopal faith. They and many of their neighbors in the New Tennessee Settlement formed a tight knit Methodist-Episcopal congregation in the Saline Circuit. The Rev. Jerome C. Berryman noted in his Memoir (completed in 1868) that he met the Pattersons at a Methodist-Episcopal camp meeting in 1827. According to Berryman, "Very shortly after my arrival in Missouri, a camp meeting was held in what was called New Tennessee, Ste. Geneieve Co. I attended in company with my brother Josias -- where I first met Rev. John W. York, who was then pastor of Saline and St. Francois circuits. That fall he was married to Miss Mary Collied near Fredericktown. They moved to Illinois; in after years went to Oregon . . . Among the citizens living in New Tennessee were the Hollomans, Pattersons, Counts and Rev. John McFarland. The last was a man possessed of very good natural abilities, and did a good work for his part of the state as a citizen as well as a minister; he left the savor of a good name." That Rev. John McFarland was often assigned as the preacher for the Saline Circuit after the Rev. York moved to Illinois. Rev. McFarland obtained a land patent in the mid 1820s that was just east of Joseph Patterson's homestead. When the Methodist-Episcopal Conference decided that a permanent meeting house should be built in the New Tennessee Settlement in the early 1840s, that stone meeting house was built on the western edge of John McFarland's land, very close to Joseph Patterson's homestead. John Patterson's son Lorenzo was one of four trustees for that Church in 1849 and a number of John's descendents are known to be buried in the cemetery adjacent to that stone meeting house. That cemetery is called the Old Stone Methodist Cemetery today. It is possible that John Patterson, his wife and his parents are also buried in that cemetery in unmarked graves. Children of John Patterson JAMES PATTERSON was born around 1811 in either Tennessee or Missouri. James married Sarah A. Thompson around 1840 and they set up housekeeping near James parents in Ste. Genevieve County. By 1850 the couple had moved to the northeastern part of Madison Co. where James supported his family as a blacksmith. Wife Sarah died between 1856 and 1860 and James moved with his children back to Ste. Genevieve County to the Jackson township where they lived at the time of the 1860 census. According to census data, James and Sarah had four children before she died: Sarah J. Martha, George W., Margaret A., and Elizabeth Patterson. It is not known what happened to James and his daughters after 1860. Reportedly, during the Civil War his son George was captured by Confederate troups led by the Swamp Fox (Jeff Thompson) and forced to join the CSA. Young George escaped and went to Kentucky where he joined the 4th Regiment Tennessee Infantry (USA). After the war, George married Margaret J. Brannan of Greene County Tennessee on 15 June 1868. They had a two year old daughter Laura Alice when they joined a wagontrain in 1871 headed from Greene Co., TN to Howell Co., MO. They settled near Willow Springs, MO, and homesteaded 160 acres. George's wife Margaret died between 1880 and 1890. Around 1890 George remarried to a woman named Elizabeth and before 1900 they had two children: Bessie and Phillip G. Patterson. MARTHA PATTERSON was born sometime between 1811 and 1818, most likely around 1813. In the early to mid 1840s she married George W. Roe, a young neighbor of John S. Barrett. The couple was living in Illinois when her father John Patterson died in 1847. It is not known what happened to Martha and George after her father died. JANE PATTERSON was born around 1815, probably in Missouri. Around 1837, she married Thomas Cheesbrough who had newly immigrated from England to Ste. Genevieve County MO. They set up housekeeping in the Beauvais township of Ste. Genevieve Co. next door to William Holmes, a friend of her father. Jane and Thomas had two children at the time the 1840 Census was taken and three more before she died sometime between Aug. 1847 and 1850. The 1850 Census shows that Thomas was not able to care for his children after his wife died. His two oldest children were taken in for a time by Jane's brothers James and John Patterson and by a neighbor of John's named Jones. The three smallest children were listed in the census in the care of the Cheesbrough's neighbor William Holmes. Thomas himself lived with another couple, Antoine and Felicitia Janis, who may have been close friends. By 1853 Thomas had remarried and established a home for his children. He married his wife Jane's younger sister Margaret, probably knowing that no other step mother he might find would love his children as much as their mother's sister. MARGARET PATTERSON was born in April of 1816 in Ste. Genevieve County MO. She grew up on her father's farm helping her mother with the domestic chores. She did not marry until she was about 37 years old when Thomas Cheesbrough, widower of her sister Jane and father of five children, asked her to marry him and become his bride and the step-mother of her five nieces and nephews. She and Thomas did not have any children of their own and so she concentrated on being a good mother to her nieces and nephews. Thomas's oldest daughter Felicity Ann Simpson loved her especially. After Thomas died in 1874, Ann's family took Margaret into their home and, after Ann's husband died probably in the 1890s, her son-in-law Henry A. Frazier took in both widows. LORENZO BARRETT PATTERSON, called "Bea" for his middle initial, was born in Missouri in 1818. He grew up in Ste. Genevieve County MO helping his father John Patterson farm his homestead just east of current day Coffman, MO. Around 1843 Lorenzo married Evaline Abernathy and they setup housekeeping near his parents' home. When his father John died in 1847 Lorenzo was appointed the administrator of his father's estate and had to deal with all of the problems of settling the estate. Lorenzo and his wife probably moved into his father's home with his younger sister Margaret and brother Ralph lived as they were all listed together when the 1850 census was taken. By 1860 his siblings had married and moved out. He and Evaline were listed in the 1860 Census with seven children: Robert L., Elizabeth, Arpy E. (Ellen?), Mary F., John R., Thomas H. and baby William H. Patterson. The decade surrounding the Civil War muct have been difficult for this family as for most all families living in Ste. Genevieve Co. The only members of this family found in the 1870 Census were daughter Mary living with her Aunt Margaret Patterson Cheesbrough and possibly Arpy if she was the Ellen Patterson living with the Alexander family in the Saline township. Reportedly Lorenzo died around 1871. His widow Eveline and three of their children were living in the Saline township at the time of the 1880 census and probably had been living there in 1870 too. JOHN G. PATTERSON was born in 1825 in Ste. Genevieve Co. MO. He grew up on his father's homestead helping his father and brothers with farming the land. Around 1848 John's eye was caught by pretty Cornelia (Caroline in the census) Cornell who may have been living with or visiting her step-sister Clarinda Keeth, a neighbor of the Pattersons in Ste. Genevieve County. They soon married and setup housekeeping near John's siblings, probably on a part of his deceased father's homestead. Cornelia's sister Olivia moved in with them and it was not long before John's younger brother Ralph began to court Olivia. Between 1850 and 1860 John decided he wanted to become a physician like John S. Barrett and Barrett's older sons. John Patterson probably went to medical school in St. Louis. By 1860 John was practicing medicine in northwestern Arkansas in Crawford Co., not far from Indian Reservations in Oklahoma. John and Cornelia had four children at that time and they lived not far from Ralph and Olivia Patterson and their three children. It is not known exactly what happened to John and his family between 1860 and 1865. Based on lore passed down to his present day descendents and census data, it is presumed that John's wife and children probably died of some illness they were exposed to from his medical practice, possibly from his treating Indians on the near by reservations. By 1865 John had returned to Missouri, given up the practice of medicine and married his wife's first cousin Eliza Jane Andrews of St. Francois Co. In the 1870 Census for St. Francois Co. the Patterson couple were listed with four children: Nancy A., Margret, McAnally and Lorenzo Patterson. Another daughter Eliza J. Patterson was born in 1871 shortly after John moved his family to Texas, possibly to live closer to his brother Ralph and sister-in-law Olivia. Unfortunately John's daughter Margaret died after they got to Texas. Likely fearing he might loose his second family to illness, John decided to move again, this time to Oregon. The family traveled the whole way in their wagon pulled by a team of oxen. Apparently, things did not work out well for the family in Oregon because they again packed up their wagon and this time they headed back to Missouri. A sixth child was born in 1874 either while they were in Oregon or maybe shortly after they entered Missouri. Unfortunately John himself became ill and died in western Missouri, leaving his wife and young children to get back to St. Francois Co. as best they could. The oldest son, ten-year-old McNally, hauled wood with their team of oxen in order to feed the family that winter. In the Spring they made their way to St. Francois suffering hardships and losing one of their oxen. Then they lived depending on the kindness of their extended family in St. Francois and Ste. Genevieve counties until the sons became old enough to earn a living for their mother and siblings. RELFE/RALPH PATTERSON was born about 1828 in Ste. Genevieve Co. MO. Around 1851 or 1852 Ralph married Olivia Cornell, the older sister of Cornelia Patterson (wife of his brother John). The couple had two children before they decided to move to Texas around 1858, shortly before their third child was born. By the time of the 1860 census, they were farming in Crawford Co. AR not far from where Ralph's brother John was practicing medicine. However, Ralph and Olivia moved back to Texas before their fourth child was born in 1862. Possibly they had moved before Cornelia and her children died or maybe they moved to Texas because Cornelia and her children died. Ralph and Olivia settled in Fannin Co. in north Texas where their fourth child was born. 01 James Patterson, b. 1755 PA; d. Ste Genevieve Co. MO bet. 1832 and 1840 + Margaret Carr, b. cir 1755; d. Ste. Genevieve Co. MO bet 1840-1850 02 John Patterson b. cir 1780-1790; d. Ste. Genevieve Co. MO July/Aug. 1847 + Unk 03 James Patterson b. abt. 1811 TN/MO; d. aft 1860 + Sarah Ann Thompson, b. abt. 1822 TN; m. St. Francois Co. MO 1838; d. bet 1850 and 1860 MO 04 Sarah J. M. Patterson, b. 1842 MO (possibly Martha E. Patterson?) 04 George Washington Patterson, b. 7 Jan 1843 MO; d. aft 1871 Howell Co., MO + Margaret J. Brannan, b. abt. 1843 Greene Co, TN; m. 15 June 1868 TN; d. aft 1871 MO 05 Laura Alice Patterson, b. abt 1869 04 Margarette A. Patterson, b. abt. 1847 MO 04 Elizabeth Patterson, b. abt 1856 MO 03 Martha Patterson, b. bet. 1811-1818, most likely around 1813 + George M./W. Roe of IL 03 Jane Patterson, b. abt. 1815 MO; d. bet. 1847-1850 MO + Thomas Cheesbrough, b. abt 1804 England 04 Joseph Cheesbrough, b. abt 1839 MO 04 Felicity Ann Cheesbrough, b. abt 1838 MO 04 Thomas Cheesbrough, b. abt 1841 MO 04 Mary Cheesbrough, b. abt 1843 MO 04 John Cheesbrough, b. abt 1846 MO 03 Margaret Patterson, b. Apr 1816, d. bet 1900 - 1910; no children + Thomas Cheesbrough, b. abt 1804 in England 03 Lorenzo B. Patterson, b. abt 1818 MO; d. 1871 MO + Nancy Eveline Abernathy, b. abt 1825 04 Robert L. Patterson, b. abt 1844 MO 04 Elizabeth Patterson, b. abt 1848 MO 04 Arpy E. Patterson, b. abt 1850 MO 04 Mary F. Patterson, b. abt 1852 MO 04 John R. Patterson, b. abt 1854 MO 04 Thomas H. Patterson, b. abt 1857 MO 04 William H. Patterson, b. abt 1859 MO 03 John G. Patterson, b. abt 1825 MO + Cornelia/Caroline Cornell, b. abt 1827 MO 04 Oliva F. Patterson, b. abt 1851 MO 04 Mary F. Patterson, b. abt 1852 MO 04 John C. Patterson, b. abt 1857 MO 04 Charles L. Patterson, b. abt 1859 TN (more likely TX) + Eliza Jane Andrews, b. abt 1835 MO; m. 08-31-1864 in St Francois Co., MO 04 Nancy A. PATTERSON b. abt. 1866 MO 04 Margret PATTERSON b. abt. 1867 MO 04 McAnally Andrews "Mack" PATTERSON b. 10-16-1867 St Francois Co., MO 04 Lorenzo Barrett ("B") PATTERSON b. 07-19-1869 MO 04 Eliza J. PATTERSON b. abt. 1871 MO 04 Clara M. PATTERSON b. abt. 1874 MO 03 Ralph Patterson, b. abt 1828 MO, d. bet 1900-1910 TX + Olivia Cornell, b. July 1825 MO; m. April 29 1851 MO; d. 1910 TX 04 Pleasant K. Patterson, b. ab. 1853 , d. bef 1880 04 Margret Fannie Patterson, b.01 Jan 1857 Ste. Genevieve Co., Missouri , d.26 Oct 1949, Austin, Travis County, Texas 04 William Patterson, b. abt 1859 TX, d. bef 1880 04 Robert Lee Patterson, b. June 17, 1862, Missouri, d. 02 Jan 1943, Joy, Clay County, TX + Annie H. UNK b. July 1870 PA, d. bet 1908-1910 05 Benner Patterson, b. Feb 1889 TX 05 Luther W. Patterson b. Dec 1894 TX 05 Burton Patterson b. 1902 TX 05 Annie May Patterson b. 1904 TX 05 Warren P. Patterson b. 1908 TX + Annie L. UNK b. 1877 AR, d. aft 1920 04 UNK Patterson 04 UNK Patterson 04 UNK Patterson 02 Joseph Patterson, b. bet 1780-1790; d. aft 1830 + UNK had 4 sons and probably 3 daughters 02 Margaret Patterson, b. 1793 SC; d. bet 1860-1870 Greene Co. MO + John S. Barrett, b. 1790 NC; d. bet 1860-1870 Greene Co. MO 03 James William Barrett, b. 1813 MO; d. 1882 MO 03 Nancy S. Barrett, b. abt. 1814 MO; d. 1844 IL 03 Joseph Barrett, b. abt. 1816 MO; d. abt. 1840 03 Mary A. Barrett, b. 1818; d. abt. 1857 MO 03 John C. Barrett, b. abt. 1822 MO; d. bet. 1862-1870 MO 03 Beverly Allen Barrett, b. 1826 MO; d. 1899 MO 03 George R. Barrett, b. abt. 1827 MO; d. abt.1865 MO 03 A. Clark Barrett, b. abt. 1830 MO; d. abt 1863 MO. 03 Jane Barrett, b. abt 1833 MO; d.abt 1851 MO 03 Mildred Barrett, b. 1836 MO; d.1919 MO

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