Jarrell Cemetery

The following comes from the Genealogists' Exchange from Spring of 1986 as originally transcribed by Nellie Best and was submitted by Barbara Morgan.

Jarrell Cemetery is located on Straughn Road. Land for the cemetery was deeded March 12, 1880 by Hiram Jarrell and wife, Nancy B., to the Ste. Genevieve County Court. The deed states land was given for burying ground for use of "myself, family, relatives, and friends."

Chandler, Martha A. b. 14 Sep 1894 d. 14 Dec 1895 parents J. H. & L. Chandler
Chandler, Sophia A. b. 25 Jun (?) 1839 d. 18 Jun (?) 1873 parents Hiram & Nancy Jarrell spouse Charles Chandler
Chandler, William E. b. 19 Mar 1892 d. 2 Feb 1893 parent L.A. Chandler
Forshee, Martha Jarrell b. 12 Dec 1830 d. 1 Nov 1918
Gettinger, John R. b. 10 Mar 1891 d. 20 Nov 1894 parents J.G. & A.J. Gettinger
Hughes, John b. 19 Sep 1811 d. 3 Nov 1891
Hughes, John R. b. 1842 d. 1875
Hughes, Sarah F. b. 1844 d. 1914

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