Allen Wolford Holloman

Allen W. Holloman was the eldest child of Mary Barrett and Edmund
Holloman.  He was born New Year's Day 1805 in Raleigh, NC.  When
he was about two years old, his parents moved to Tennessee and
when he was five years old his parents joined a wagon train led by
"Bent" or "Ben" Counts that traveled from east Tennessee to Missouri.  
On this journey, young Allen enjoyed riding between packs on one of
the pack-horses and playing with the children of Bent Counts.  

According to Holloman family stories, Bent Counts was a fairly well
educated man and he had been trained as a land surveyor.  Reportedly,
Counts had brought with him to Missouri a box containing many school
books and, after the wagon train families settled into their new homes
in Missouri, he used those books to educate both his own children and
young Allen Holloman.  At the time their wagon train first arrived in
Missouri, Counts helped the settlers by surveying the land they claimed.   
As new waves of settlers arrived in the following years, Counts' services
as a surveyor were in demand and, when Allen Holloman grew old
enough, Bent Counts trained Allen to become a surveyor.  About two
weeks after Allen turned twenty-one in 1826, Bent's daughter Rachel
Counts and Allen were married in Ste. Genevieve Co. by Justice of the
Peace James H. Relfe.  Two years later Rachel died giving birth to
their only child, a girl who was named Rachel Counts Holloman for
her mother.

Holloman family lore about Bent or Ben Counts would seem to imply that
Bent Counts settled near Edmund Holloman's family, first in the Cape
Girardeau district and a couple of years later in Ste. Genevieve Co. where
young Allen Holloman would have grown old enough to train as a surveyor.  
The marriage of Counts' daughter Rachel to Allen in Ste. Genevieve Co.
in 1826 would seem to imply that Bent Counts was probably still living
in Ste. Genevieve Co. in 1826.  However, the only Counts family that seems
to have lived in Ste. Genevieve Co. MO between 1811 and 1830 was that
of William Counts (b. bet. 1770-1779) and his sons Gainum (b. between
1790-1799), Nicholas (b. 1802 TN) and George (b. abt. 1805 TN).
According to descendents of George Counts, his father William brought
their family to Ste. Genevieve Co. in 1812, the same year the Hollomans
moved there.  Land sale records in Ste. Genevieve show that George
Counts and Allen W. Holloman sold land acreage containing a mill to
William Holmes in 1832 implying that George and Allen had gone into
business together before 1832, possibly because they were brother-in-
laws after Allen married Rachel.  According to descendents of George,
his father moved with George and his family to the Van Buren Co. area of
Arkansas in 1836.  Census records show that sons Gainum and Nicholas
remained in Missouri.  Land sale records in Ste. Genevieve Co. show that
an Aaron Counts, either a brother or nephew of William Counts, moved to
Ste. Genevieve Co. from east TN in the early 1830s and bought land near
Avon, MO, from Edmund Holloman in 1832.  Thus, it seems quite likely
that the "Bent" Counts referred to in the Holloman family stories may
have been the William Counts who was George Counts' father.

Widower Allen W. Holloman married Lucinda Smith Holmes in 1832.  
Lucinda was the eldest daughter of William Holmes and his wife Mary
Blackwell Holmes.  The newly weds and Allen's young daughter Rachel
lived with Lucinda's parents for the first few years of their marriage.  
Then Allen built a home just southwest of the town of Coffman, MO, on
land adjacent to the homestead of William Holmes and just north of
Edmund Holloman’s second homestead.  

The first 18 years of Allen's second marriage was spent in Ste.
Genevieve Co.  During this time Allen and Lucinda had three daughters
and then four sons while Allen made a living farming, surveying land
and operating a mill.  Allan also became active in the civic and political
life of Ste. Genevieve Co.  In 1835 he succeeded his uncle John S.
Barrett as Post Master for the area around Avon, MO.  In 1838, as the
Democratic Party candidate, Allan was elected for one term to the state
Legislature of Missouri to be the representative for Ste. Genevieve
County.  In addition, Allan served as a county judge between the years
1838 and 1849.  In 1849, Allen and Lucinda moved their family to
Arcadia, MO, along with his mother, two brothers (Abner and John)
and their families, his sister (Mary Ann) and the children of his dead
sister Elizabeth Aikman.  There in the lovely Arcadia Valley, Allen and
Lucinda lived the remainder of their lives.


01 Allan W. HOLLOMAN, b. 01-01-1805 in NC;
                         d. 05-05-1895, Iron Co. MO,
                             middle name prob. Wolford; maybe Wiliford/Winifred
  + m1. Rachel COUNTS,  b. abt. 1807 in TN d. 01-28-1828 MO;
                         m. 01-15-1826  Ste. Genevieve Co. MO   
     02 Rachel Counts HOLLOMAN, b. 01-28-1828 MO;
                         d. 07-08-1883 Limestone Co., TX,
                             buried Mt. Antioch Cemetery, Mt. Calm, TX
        + m1. Richard Madden HOLMES, b. 01-20-1824  MO;
                         d. 01/19/1850  in Ste. Genevieve Co. MO;
                         m. 12-10-1845 in Ste. Genevieve Co. MO  
           03 Mary HOLMES,  b. abt. 1846 Ste. Genevieve Co. MO;
                         d. before 1855, probably before 1850
           03 William H. HOLMES, b. 1847 Ste. Genevieve Co. MO;
                         d. bet 1850-1855
           03 Allen B. HOLMES, b. 1849 Ste. Genevieve Co. MO;
                         d. aft 1870
        + m2. James Marion HAWKINS, b. 07-14-1831;   
                         d. 04-20-1864 Jefferson, TX from wounds received  
                             in Battle of Pleasant Hill in LA a few days earlier
                         m. 01-27-1853 in Madison Co. MO
           03 Martin Eugene HAWKINS, b. 07- 14-1853 Yazoo Co. MS;
                         d.12-05-1933 NM
              + m1. Betty CHERRY, d. Feb. 1878
              + m2. Elizabeth Sophronia DAVIS b. 08-19-1861;
                         d. 06-01-1949
           03  Ellen "Ella" Jane HAWKINS, b. Sept 1855 in Yazoo Co. MS;
                         d. 1921 TX, buried in Panola Co., Beckville, TX
              + m1. a WILTY
              + m2. John Wesley KELLEY, b. Aug 1846 TN;  d. 1922 TX
                         m. 1878 TX
           03 Joseph Carter HAWKINS b. 01-03-1858  in Yazoo Co. MS;
                         d. 03-23-1916 Waco, TX
              + Hattie DAVIS, b. Sept 1875   
           03 Edmund Wesley HAWKINS b. 03-29-1860 in MO,
              + Eudora Margaret DAVIS
           03 Marion "Mary" Etta HAWKINS b. 03-12-1861 St. James, MO;  
                         d. 05-09-1920
              + James Buchanan FARR b. 01-22-1851; d. 05-09-1926
      + m3. Andrew Lewis GEORGE, b. abt. 1805 VA;
                         d. aft 1880 maybe TX?
                         m. 03-11-1875 Iron Co. MO as his second marriage
  + m2. Lucinda Smith HOLMES, b. 11-18-1812 Ste. Genevieve Co. MO;  
                         m. October, 1830; d. 01-08-1888 Iron Co. MO               
     02 Mary Ann HOLLOMAN, b. 11-16-1831 in Ste. Genevieve Co. MO;  
                         d. 03-28-1911 St. Louis, MO
        + William Nixon GREGORY,  b. abt. 1830 in IL
           03 Joseph "Joe" Allan GREGORY, b. 04-09-1856 Iron Co. MO;
                         d. 06-20-1892  MO
              + Adele GRATIOT, m. 03-15-1880 Iron Co. MO
           03 William E. GREGORY, b. abt. 1858 in Iron Co. MO,
                         d. after 1826
              + Mabel "May" L. SESSIONS of Bismarck, MO,  
                         m. 10-06-1889 St. Francois Co. MO
           03 "Tiney" GREGORY, b. 1867 in Iron Co. MO; d. 12-19-1867 MO
           03 Bertrand S. GREGORY, b. 1868 in Iron Co. MO; d. 10-25-1922
              + Jessie May GREGORY, of Cherryville, Crawford Co. MO,
                         b. 1876; d. 1961;
                         m. 12-26-1894 Iron Co. MO
     02 Sarah Emeline Cook  HOLLOMAN, b. 12-21-1833 MO;  
                       d. 04-05-1845 Ste. Genevieve Co. MO
     02 Lucinda Jane  HOLLOMAN, b. 01-19-1836 Ste. Genevieve Co. MO;  
                       d. 11-01-1916 Desoto, MO
        + William James HINCHEY,  b. 12-05-1829 in Dublin, Ireland;  
                       d. 09-1893 St. Louis, MO
                       m. 08-08-1857 in Madison Co. MO, later became Iron Co.
           03 Allan Holloman HINCHEY, b. 02-18-1859 in Iron Co. MO;
                         d. 05-25-1934
              + Louise YANCEY, m. 01-31-1888 MO
           03 Paul P. HINCHEY, b. 07-22-1861 in Iron Co. MO;
                         d. 03-06-1941 MO
              + Elizabeth KLENN, m. 1893;  
           03 Robert Emmet HINCHEY, b. 07-20-1863 in Iron Co. MO;
                         d. 05-26-1937
              + Rose Minerva KEITH  
           03 William W. HINCHEY, b.12-18-1865 in St. Louis, MO;
                         d. 08-22-1842 MO
              + Sue BAKER; had a daughter: Mary E.  
           03 Stephen Augustus HINCHEY, b. 08-12-1873 in Iron Co. MO;
                         d. 1964 MO
              + Bertha Eugenia ALLARD, m. 11-25-1902
           03 Flora Bell HINCHEY, b. 08-20-1875 in Iron Co. MO;  
                         d. 09-12-1950 in Bismark, MO
              + Hugh STEEL/STEELE, m. 1901     
     02 William Holmes  HOLLOMAN, b. 05-20-1838  MO;  
                         d. 08-20-1861 MO result of Civil War skirmish
     02 Allan Augustus HOLLOMAN, b. 03-16-1841 Ste. Genev. Co. MO;  
                         d. 01-22-1886, unmarried in Iron Co. MO
     02 Thomas Edmund Benton HOLLOMAN, b. 10-08-1843 MO;  
                         d. 03-05-1920 Iron Co. MO
        + Precia/Pressia Matilda "Tilda" BOLLINGER, b. Mar. 1842 MO;
                         d. 06-23-1918 Iron Co. MO
           03 Lucinda "Lucy" Elizabeth HOLLOMAN, b. 11-22-1866,  
                         d. 01-13-1930; m. 12-23-1888 Iron Co. MO
              + Jasper Newton LEWIS, b. 04-27-1861; d. 07-26-1935 MO
           03 Charles "Charlie" Wesley HOLLOMAN, b. 10-19-1870 MO;
                         d. 03-18-1950
              + Carrie PEARSON, b. 1861, d. 1928 MO; m. Jan. 1910 MO
           03 Florence Ethel "Effie" HOLLOMAN, b. 02-15-1872 in MO;
                         d. 05-13-1962 Tchula, MS
              + m1. Mr. Charles C. STILLWELL, of Shenandoah Co. VA
                         b. 1866 VA, d. after 1930 KA
                         m. 03-29-1910 Iron Co. MO  
              + m2. Mr. Richard S. HERRING, b. abt 1875 AR, d. KA
           03 William White HOLLOMAN, b. 02-27-1874 Hogan, MO;  
                         d. 04-24-1940 in Montana
              + Mary CONLEY, daughter E. W. Conley of MO
                         m. 08-11-1896 Iron Co. MO
           03 Joseph Walter HOLLOMAN, b. 02-22-1878 Hogan, MO,  
                         d. 06-27-1972 MS
              + Winona Irene WALDROP,  b. 10-14-1884 Lamar Co, AL,  
                         d. 10-25-1975 MS
                         m. 08-21-1907 AL
           03 Linn Edward HOLLOMAN, b. 12-14-1882;
                         d. 03-09-1969 Hogan, MO
              + Augusta SMITH, m. 06-04-1911 Iron Co. MO    
     02 John Wesley HOLLOMAN, b. 08-01-1846 Ste. Genev. Co., MO;  
                         d. disappeared 01-03-1903 St. Lewis, MO
     02 Robert Fillmore HOLLOMAN, b. 09-09-1851 Arcadia, MO
                         d. 02-15-1943 MO
        + Mary BUCKNER, b. 1854; d. Oct. 1883 Iron Co. MO
           03 Jesamine "Jessie" HOLLOMAN, b. 03-01-1883 MO,
                         d. 28 Oct 1973 MO
              + first-name-unk BARLOW/BARTOW, m. abt. 1922
     02 Barbara Josephine "Josie" HOLLOMAN, b. 03-01-1854 MO;  
                         d. 12-12-1929 Iron Co. MO
     02 Joel Bugg HOLLOMAN, b. 11-18-1856 in Arcadia, MO;
                         d. 04-09-1926 MO

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