Abner S. Holloman

Abner S. Holloman was the second child of Mary Barrett and Edmund
Holloman.  He was born in 1807 soon after his parents had moved to
Tennessee from North Carolina.  When he was about three years old,
his parents joined a wagon train headed from east Tennessee to
Missouri.  Not long after his family settled down in the Cape Girardeau
district of Missouri, that region was struck by a series of very violent
earthquakes in 1811 and 1812.  It is very likely that young Abner was
especially traumatized by those "New Madrid" earthquakes.   His
parents and many of their neighbors were sufficiently affected by the
devastation wrought by the earthquakes that most of them decided to
leave that area at the end of 1812 and start over in the "New Tennessee
Settlement" in Ste. Genevieve Co. MO.

Very little is known about what Abner was doing in the years between
1812 and 1838.  Presumably, he spent most of the time between 1812
and 1832 living on his parents' homestead outside Avon, MO, and
helping his father and brothers farm that land.  In 1832 Abner would
have moved with his parents and siblings to their second Ste. Genevieve
Co. homestead near Coffman, MO.  There he helped his father build a
new two-story home and farm the new homestead.  However, records
in Barry, Newton and Jasper Counties in western MO show that by 1838
Abner had moved out there where he married sixteen-year-old Parmelia
Dale.  Parmelia was a daughter of Elijah Dale and her family had
migrated from Kentucky to Missouri in the late 1830s.  Abner and
Parmelia lived with or near her parents for the first few years of their
marriage, as was the custom especially when the brides were as young
as Parmelia.  

Between 1838 and 1850, Abner and Parmelia had two sons and a
daughter.  During that time, they lived in or near Jasper Co.  Abner
probably encouraged his brother John B. Holloman to move out to
Jasper Co. MO in the 1840s where land records show John B. obtained
land patients.  Abner, Parmelia and their children apparently moved
to Arcadia, MO, in 1849 with a large group of his siblings and his
mother.  However, the 1850 Census shows that Abner took his family
down to Yazoo Co. Mississippi probably at the urging of his brother
Thomas Right Holloman who wanted his mother and siblings to all
move to MS and live near him. Even though Parmelia and their children
returned to Arcadia for a short while, his family was back in Yazoo Co.
by late 1851 when Abner's last child was born. Abner and Parmelia
were the first of Thomas R. Holloman's siblings to be persuaded to
settle in Mississippi.

Abner farmed in Yazoo Co. between 1851 and his death in 1863 when
he was murdered on the plantation owned by the wife of his brother
Thomas.  Abner was buried near his mother in the Wesley Chapel
Methodist Church cemetery in Yazoo Co. MS.  Abner’s wife Parmelia
and children remained living near his family in Mississippi until 1875
when they moved to Texas.  There his oldest son became a teacher
and his two daughters married railroad men.  


01 Abner S. HOLLOMAN, b. 1807 in TN; d. 1863, Yazoo Co. MS  
  + Parmelia/Pamela Hypotia DALE, b. abt. 1822 in KY;   
                         d. 1895 San Antonio, TX ?;
                         m. 12-27-1838 in Barry Co. MO
     02 Thomas Linn Percy HOLLOMAN,  b. abt. 1841 in MO;
                         d. 1891 TX;
                         m. never married, moved to TX and taught school  
     02 Elijah Dale HOLLOMAN, b. abt. 1844 in MO;   
                         d. after 1860, unknown what happened to him
     02 Hypotia "Hattie" Parmelia HOLLOMAN, around Aug. 1848 in MO  
                         d. 01-25-1916 in McLennan Co., Waco, TX
                         m. 08-27-1877 in Bastrop Co. TX  
        +  Samuel T. LATTIMORE, b. abt. 1845 NC;  
           03 Linn LATTIMORE, daughter, b. 1879 in TX; d. before 1900  
     02 Laura R. HOLLOMAN, b. 09-17-1851 in Yazoo Co. MS;  
                        d. 11-19-1946 in San Antonio, TX;                            
                        m. 12-18-1877 in Bastrop Co. TX
        +  Alfred W. CARLISLE of OH
           03 John T./C. CARLISLE, b. 1879 in TX; d. 1924 TX
           03 Alfred W. CARLISLE, Jr., b. 11/05/1880 in TX;
                        d. 12/17/1944 Bastrop Co., TX
           03 Thomas Linn CARLISLE, Sr., b. 1881/1882 in TX;
                        d. after 1920, reportedly 1972
           03 Laura Virginia CARLISLE, b. 1888 TX
              +  Walter NIPPER of San Antonio, TX

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