Quickfacts: Telephone exchange: 483-xxxx Township: Jackson Previously known as Punjaub Namesake: founders Henry and Charles Lawrence History As the early settlers came through the region northwest of Ste. Genevieve on their way to the mining region near Bonne Terre, MO, they often passed through the small beautiful valley west of Bloomsdale.  The beauty of this place, nestled between two small hills, inspired one traveler to remark about how much it resembled the beautiful region of Punjaub, India, and thus, the official name of Punjaub was given to the village, which became an important trading center in the late 1860’s and early 1870’s. By 1870, twoRead More →

Quickfacts: Telephone Exchange: 483-xxxx Zip code: 63670 Township: Jackson Located on Kinsey Rd south of Route DD Quicklinks: History Kinsey Mission Jackson School Maps Kinsey Mission    The mission church in Kinsey was located off K Road in northern Ste. Genevieve County.  The town of Kinsey was named for William M. Kinsey, Congressman from 1889-1891, 51st Congress, 10th District of Missouri.     Kinsey Mission began in 1907, being organized by Pastor R. A. Boyd and the congregation of Lebanon Baptist Church [Bloomsdale].  Brother Boyd pastored both Kinsey Mission and Lebanon Church.     The historical committee has on file a deed described as follows: "This indenture madeRead More →

Quickfacts: Population: 419 (or 506?) Telephone exchange: 483-xxxx Zip code: 63627 Township: Jackson Name Origin: Father Blume Previously known as: La Fourche a Duclos Quicklinks: History (some history items located under St. Agnes Parish as well) Historical Places St. Agnes Parish & Cemetery History         1880 – The area was called Colonel Valle’s farm and was owned by Jean Baptiste Valle Sr.         1824 – Jean Baptiste sold about half of the land to Michael Placet.  When Placet died, it was divided among his five daughters, three of whom lived there.  (Marie Olmphe married to John Drury, Aspasie married to Jean Baptiste Charleville, and MarieRead More →