What would Ste. Genevieve history be without Kaskaskia?     In the early 18th century Kaskaskia was a fur trading and farming community that supplied lower Louisiana with flour, meat, and bear oil which could be had in abundance in Illinois.  In return, New Orleans supplied necessities as well as luxuries to be brought back. At the very time that Ste. Genevieve was emerging as a distinct settlement, Governor Vaudreuil wrote from New Orleans to the Commandant at Fort de Chatres, Jean Jacques McCarty, and urged him to increase the supply of wheat to the lower colony.  Perhaps this letter had a bearing on McCarty’s eagernessRead More →

The Old Plank Road traveled from Ste. Genevieve city to Iron Mountain (in St. Francois County) and still exists today.  In the city of Ste. Genevieve, it was Merchant Street, then from there to Farmington, it was what is now Highway 32.   Construction began on August 20, 1851 and the Plank Road was 42 miles in length.       Over this plank road, for a few years, an immense business was carried on in lead, iron, cobalt, nickel, marble and granite, and agricultural products of all kinds.  And as early as 1850, right-of-way was already being bought for the road. The farmers were given deeds toRead More →

Quickfacts: Telephone exchange: 883-xxxx Zip code: 63670 (Ste. Genevieve) Township: Saline "Historical Place" Ste. Genevieve Herald, Nov 13, 2002 100 Years Ago – 1902 The Post Office at Pickle, this county about seven miles east of Farmington, which had been discontinued some time ago, is re-established with Phylander S. Loker, P.MRead More →

Quickfacts: Township: Saline Previously known as: Ulam Located on Route WW southeast of Coffman Quicklinks: History Maps History     Clearwater is located on Highway WW in southwest Ste. Genevieve County.  Jim Nations built a small store that provided necessities for the people in the community.  When the Nations got the post office, they enlarged the store building, and named the town, perhaps getting the name from the creek that flows nearby.  By enlarging the building, they increased their grocery supply for the area.  later they added gas pumps as cars became more numerous.  Like many other country stores of the era, as folks came forRead More →

Quickfacts: Telephone exchange: 883-xxxx Zip code: 63670 (Ste. Genevieve) Township: Beauvais Previously Known as: Staabtown Aux Vases in French means "with the muds" Quicklinks: History – in progress St. Philip & St. James Parish History        River Aux Vases was established in the early 1800's and was known as "the French Village."  Early residents included families of the surname Janis, Aubuchon, Valle, and Bequette.  Many lived in vertical log houses, some of which remain still. St. Philip & St. James Parish    As the French settlement of Ste. Genevieve expanded, it was inevitable that any clear, spring-fed stream would prove itself an irresistible attraction for the FrenchRead More →

Quickfacts: Telephone exchange: 543-xxxx Zip code: 63673 Township: Beauvais The Ste. Genevieve Herald September 24, 2003 Ste. Genevieve Marble Used in Renovation of National Archive Display By Jean Feld Rissover Page 3         Some of the nation’s most revered documents are on display at the National Archives building in Washington D.C., and so is one of this county’s products.         A two-year renovation of the national information storehouse is now complete. An integral part of the project was the creation of exhibition space for the original copy of the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights and the Constitution of the United States.         That’sRead More →

Quickfacts: Telephone exchange: 543-xxxx Zip code: 63673 Township: Beauvais Namesake: Ezekiel 27:17 & Judges 11:33 – meaning "land of wheat" Quicklinks: History Newspaper Clippings Minnith History     Minnith is a small farming community located in the southeast corner of Ste. Genevieve County, ten miles southwest of St. Mary’s.  The name Minnith, the old timers tell us, came from the Bible.  It is found in Ezekiel 27:17 and Judges 11:33.   The name means "land of wheat."     [Ezekiel 27:17  "Judah, and the land of Israel, they were thy merchants: they traded in thy market wheat of Minnith, and Pannag, and honey, and oil, and balm." KJVRead More →