Education is booming. People everywhere want to learn more about everything, thanks to the information culture technology has delivered. There is now increasing demand for everything from self-help through to specific, niche learning interests, and volumes upon volumes of texts have been authored around this area. Even in terms of our education system, and the way we approach education, there is extensive interest in improving outcomes. Theories of education cover a broad church, and there is ample room for personal opinion and preference. This top five gives an insight into some of the most celebrated works on the topic. For those who want to delveRead More →

Millions of Americans find themselves in the position of looking to add to their family by adoption. Regardless of the reasons, the decision to adopt is one that delivers a genuine social and personal good. While it is not always easy, it is almost universally said by adopted families that the process changed their lives for the better. Those who come through the other side couldn’t imagine life without their adopted family set-up. For an increasing number of growing families, adoption is being seen as a viable, even desirable route. This is extremely encouraging, and adoption agencies worldwide are seeing improvements in the numbers ofRead More →

I was cleaning up my email box last night and came across a rather rude email from one of the visitors of this website that I had apparently failed to delete after replying to.  This person suggested that I give up my “job” at the “genealogy society” to someone else who could do her research for her. I just want to remind everyone that this website is NOT an official city or county website and that Ste. Genevieve does not have a historical or genealogical society (there is Landmark’s Commission and the Foundation for Restoration, but that’s as close as it gets, ironically enough).  ThisRead More →

In spite of what that hackneyed proverb says, money can buy you happiness—as long as you spend it on others. A study by Harvard Business School professor Michael Norton reveals that people who engage in charitable deeds on a regular or, even, daily basis have qualitatively improved lives. The study showed that even minor donations like $5 can make significant improvements in self-fulfillment. Repeated donations improved emotional well-being The study was spurred in part by the observation that many financially successful people fail to find greater enjoyment and pleasure from a greater number of possessions or a more comfortable life. Norton set out to prove that moneyRead More →

I have turned off registration to this site as spam bots are, well, spamming me incessantly with it.  If you need an account to be on the surname registry (which is, I believe, the only reason you’d need to register anymore), then please email me directly.  Thanks!Read More →