Only heads of household are listed.  All other family members are numbered according to age and can be found by referencing the image under which the HOH is listed.    380a 380b Farley, Mrs. Painter, Philip Hanie, Charley Horn, Thomas Holloman, Edmond Wells, John Bryant, Jepe Searcey, David Alexander, Joseph I. Meeks, Ararich Patterson, James Counts, Nicholas Wolford, Daniel Williams, James Hammer, Joel Crisp, John Counts, William Talbert, James Griffard, Louis Smith, John Beard, Isaac Ousley, Willis Y. Johnson, Burwick Hunt, Joseph T. Duvall, Joseph Scott, Obediah 381a 381b Maddin, Richard Kenner, Francis Bigelow, Lewis Beard, John S. Bloom, Peter Delbe, Joseph Boca, Henry Riddle,Read More →