I was cleaning up my email box last night and came across a rather rude email from one of the visitors of this website that I had apparently failed to delete after replying to.  This person suggested that I give up my “job” at the “genealogy society” to someone else who could do her research for her. I just want to remind everyone that this website is NOT an official city or county website and that Ste. Genevieve does not have a historical or genealogical society (there is Landmark’s Commission and the Foundation for Restoration, but that’s as close as it gets, ironically enough).  ThisRead More →

In spite of what that hackneyed proverb says, money can buy you happiness—as long as you spend it on others. A study by Harvard Business School professor Michael Norton reveals that people who engage in charitable deeds on a regular or, even, daily basis have qualitatively improved lives. The study showed that even minor donations like $5 can make significant improvements in self-fulfillment. Repeated donations improved emotional well-being The study was spurred in part by the observation that many financially successful people fail to find greater enjoyment and pleasure from a greater number of possessions or a more comfortable life. Norton set out to prove that moneyRead More →

I have turned off registration to this site as spam bots are, well, spamming me incessantly with it.  If you need an account to be on the surname registry (which is, I believe, the only reason you’d need to register anymore), then please email me directly.  Thanks!Read More →