Valle Spring Cemetery
Valle Spring Cemetery

Directions: from hwy 61 in Ste. Genevieve, turn on Hwy M – it’s right there before you leave the city limits.

This cemetery is extremely large; this is currently only a partial listing (but growing all the time, please check back occasionally).  The listing has been collected by Scott Reed from stones, obituaries, and other sources.  Due to the size of this transcription it will open in a new, un-styled page.
Please see below and subsequent pages (if any) for more photos.  I apologize that the photos cannot be added directly with the transcription at this time.
The following photos were submitted by Scott Reed:
The following photos were submitted by Betty O’Bryan:
Elizabeth Clara Dorlac (daughter of Noe (aka Louis) Alexis & Ida Mae Hugh(e)s Labruyere; Wife of: Prosper Louis Dorlac) and Gregory Labruyere (Husband of: Ann Christine Nifong)
Edward Labruyere (Husband of Mary Schmeiderer Labruyere) and Mary Labruyere (Edward’s wife. She was the daughter of Rigdon and Schmeiderer, can’t remember their first names, think was Elvira & Joseph Sr.)
More photos:

  1. My name is Daniel F. LaRose, and I have question pertaining the cemetery transcripts. My Uncle Francis Richard LaRose who passed away in 1961 is not listed and neither are his parents Francis LaRose who passed in 1981 and Delia LaRose who passed in 1980. The obituary that is on this site even states that he was buried in this cemetery. I am working on a family tree and I would like to know why these members of my family are not listed in the transcripts?

  2. The listing we currently have on here is marked as being partial. Scott, who has done that listing thus far, lives about 4 hours away and has not been able to do the whole thing yet.

  3. I have several photos taken of Valle Springs Cemetery (Gerard, Panchot, Charleville). How do I post them here?

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