Memorial Cemetery Memorial Cemetery
Memorial Cemetery


Memorial Cemetery is also sometimes called “Old Cemetery.” The gates to Memorial Cemetery are pictured here. The date on the middle column reads 1787. Memorial Cemetery was actually the second cemetery of Ste. Genevieve, (the first being washed out during the Flood of 1785) the land and provisions being granted by the Spanish.

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The oldest existing tombstone is that of Louis LeClere in 1796, and the last burial was Odile Pratte Valle who was buried fifteen years after the cemetery was closed; when donating some land for a new cemetery, she was granted the burial spot next to her husband.

The “front” part of Memorial Cemetery, in the South (I call it the front because it is nearest the main gates) is mostly Catholic, the northeaster quarter was for Protestants, and the northwestern quarter was for the “Odd Fellows Lodge.”  The victims of the steam ship explosion on board the Doctor Franklin No 2. are buried in the Protestant section.  I have been told, however, that this area was once an Indian burial ground.  There are also a few common graves for epidemic victims (although I’m not sure where exactly).  It has been estimated that there are between 4,000 and 5,000 people buried in Memorial Cemetery (although some will more conservatively say 3,000).

This gates are accessible from 5th Street (E).  To the left of the cemetery is Market Street (S) and to the right is Jefferson Street (N).  Bordering the back (W) of the cemetery is a residential area and Basler Funeral Home (NW).  The other entrance to the cemetery is located by the funeral home, a single gate.

Transcription as found on papers in the Ste. Genevieve County Library (no transcriber info was found).

This transcription is done in order of a cemetery walk through – it is not alphabetized, I am typing it as it is written. Images were taken by myself in January, 2007. If you need a high resolution image, please email me. Click the thumbnails to view the larger image. Note that this cemetery does not yet have images of each and every single stone and some photos may overlap some stones but the image will only be shown next to the prominent stones.

1. Vital Beauvais–age 77
Felicite Beauvais–86
2. John Webery—1876
3. Poline Robert–wife of B. LaRose, 1837—78 yrs.
4. Augustine Thomure–1840 -1869
4a. Moses Govreau–1877—12yrs.
4b. Catherine, wife of John Dallas–1876
4c. Annie, daughter of John Dallas–1875
4d. ______ Huck,—1871
5. Theodore Thomure
6. Marie Adalie LeClere
7. Clement Detchmendy,—1856—age 57
Constance Detchmendy–1836—age 37
8. Marie B. (LaSource) Ste. Gemme–1777-1824
Barthelemi Ste. Gemme—1843—69 yrs.
Marie Theresa (Ste. Gemme) Guibourd—1807-1859
Augustus  Ste. Gemme—1862—70 yrs.
Desile LeClere Ste. Gemme—1876—73 yrs.
Children, Emilie, Adolph, Amelie, Philomena, Marie, Claire.
Francois LeClere–1782-1820
Felicite LeClere–1785-1824
Marie Susan LeClere, wife of M. B. Menerd,—May 1833
Emelie–infant—March 1833
Melanie LeClere —
Sophie P. infant daughter L. C. & Augustine Ste. Gemme Menard.
William Oliver—-1845.
Louis Joseph, Clara & Edwin, children of Frs. L. & Mary Valle.
Charles C. Valle—1799-1838
Eliza Ste. Gemme Valle
4 small Valle Children.
John L. Bogy–infant son of J.L. Bogy.
9. Joseph Marie Benjamin Bogy—1827.
10. Marie Hoffman—1841
Josephine Hoffman—1811
James Hoffman—1811
William Hoffman—1813
11. Cirille Charles Gregorie—1758-1832
Mary Mekinier—1768- 1827
12. Charles Francis Gregorie, son of Francis & Mary Gregorie,–1842-1852.
13. Jean Noel Calliott—1808-1845
14. Mary Ann Rottler—1871-1879
15. Josephine Born—1877-1880
16. Laurence Sucher—1822-1843
17. Wife of Laurence Sucher—-1827-1870.
18. Dennis McGill–1844–33 yrs.
19. Leon Maurice—1844—3 yrs old.
20. John B. Valle—1827-1861
21. Charles- 1875, Catherine- 1867, Anna-1867, children of Christian Nauman.
22- Odile Joseph Calliot–1863-1864
23- Claire Emilie Calliot —1878-1880
24- Mary M. Ste. Gemme Valle —1832-1853
25- Marie Louise, wife of Antoine Winston—-1815-1855
26- Constance Winston, wife of Ely Boyer,–1837-1855
27- Micheal Klein–1864—age 4.
28- Elizabeth Hanlon—1849–age 25.
29- John A. Guignon—1837 1869
29- Eliz. M. daughter of Simon & Carmelit Guinon,—1863-age 20.
30- John B. Drury—1849–55.
31- Marie Rosalie Calliott–1815-1843
32- Pierre Dorlac—1791-1851
33- Anna Meyer—1805-1875
34- John Huck—1870-1876
35- William Adams—1791-1846
36- Anna Valetta—1812-1870
37- Dr. Walter Fenwick & wife Julie Valle—1771-1811
Zenon Fenwick—1923
37a- Marie Flamm—1851-1854
Harriet Scott –1836
38- Antoinette Boverie–1844—21 days.
Joseph Charles Boverie–1852.
Camille, son of Jules & Mary Janis Boverie,–1861–1 yr. 3 mo.
A. M. Boverie—1851-1875
Addie R., wife of John L. Boverie,  1853-1879
Adolph, son of John L. Boverie & Adeline Boverie—1875-1876
383299955_0ae55ac490_b 39- Peter Moser—1785-1860
Louise Moser—1828
40- Louise & Joseph Thomure—1830
Francis Anthony Kempf—1827-1870
41- Henry Seckinger—1851—9 months.
42- M. Emma Kempf—1854
Emilie Kempf—1856
43- John Contancin—1864—age 64
Mary Louise Constancin—1859—age 23
44- George Levi Boyer—1858-1859
45- Marguerite, wife of Lewis Skewes,—1861–age 22
Odile LaRose—1873
Felix LaRose—1867
Marie Bogy—1786-1876
Joseph Bogy—1782-1812
Hilairie LeCompte—1842–17 months.
Joseph H. LeCompte–1845–2 yrs. 7 mo.
46- Mary Frazier
Clotilde Mourice–1856
Theophile DuFour—
Elizabeth Brook–1854
Caroline Badeau–1860
M. Constancin—1862
47- _____ Amoureaux —
48- J.B.S. Pratte–1826-1888
Bernard Pratte—1808-1867
49- Peter R. Pratte—1801-1853
Joseph Pratte—1774-184
Joseph Blacklegde—-1863–age 5
Mary Wilkinson—1839-1846
Marie Francoise Pratte—1841– age 62
Charles Hypolite Gregoire—1797-1859
Marie Villars—1790-1846
Henry Hertich—1817-1858
Joseph  Hertich—1775-1852
Joseph  Hertich—1775-1852
Louis Hertich—1846
Col. Francis Valle—1779-1849
John B., son of Col. & Mary A. Valle,–1831-1864
383300730_2c8360f04e_b380570538_4460689d9e_b 50- Martha Bossier—1860
Sebastian Ziegler—1861–age 73
Luzia Ziegler—1792-1851
Elvina Ziegler–
Marie Claudine Rey, wife of Joseph Marie Rey—1870
Louis LaRose–1793-1863
Helen LaRose–1820-1867
51- Marie (Hubardeau) Laporte–1849 -age 83


52- 1. Emma Rozier—1862-1879
2. Joseph Rozier–
3. Henry Janis–1808-1872
4. Henry L. Janis–1830- 1856
5. Felix Janis–1810-1855
6. Louis Janis–1864–Infant.
7. Antoine Janis–1795-1861
8. Mary Zoe Janis—1843–age 1
9. Mary Benjamin Skewes—1851
10. 3 Janis Children
11. Edward Rozier—1853
12. Francis R. Rozier—1841-1855
13. Henry J. B. Valle, son of J.B. & Pelagie Valle—1830-1833
14. Firmin A.–1845,  Marie Louise–1847, children of Francis & Zoe Rozier.
15. Pelagie Janis—1769-1832
16. Francois Janis—1767-1832
17. Francois Janis—1820-1840
18. Felix Valle—1800-1877
18a. Odile Pratte Valle—1805-1894
18b. Louis Felix Valle—1823-184_
19. Catherine B. Valle—1791-1854
20. Jean B. Valle—1758-1849
21. Louis Valle
22. J. B. Valle –1829-1897
23. Pelagie Janis Valle—1894-1848
24. Josephine Thomure—1847
25. Louis Thomure—1838
Marie Thomure—1839
53. Mary Ann Bisch—1805-1826
54- Albert Bish—1779-1845
55- Hannah Bish—1849–62 yrs.
56- Mare–wife of Charles Bish,—1853
57- Albert Bish—1856—49 yrs.
383293693_b4f6a5edf1_b 58- Jean Ferdinand Rozier–1777-1864
E. A. Rozier–1833-1858
Constance Rozier—1795-1878
59- Marguerite Ricole—
59a- Antoine Ricole–1848
60- Jaques Guibourd Family
61- Raphael Ste. Gemme —1771-1811
J. Bte. Ste. Gemme—1746-1833
Marie Theresa Ste. Gemme–1751-1807
J.M.B. Ste. Gemme—1780- 1821
Vital Ste. Gemme—1770- 1821
62- Joseph Benoist Govreau—1834-1867
63- Louis Joseph Delcommune—1772-1852
64- Marie Roussin—1848-1850
65- Austes Sargeant—1807-1878
Ichabod Sargeant—1792-1848
66- ______ Amoureaux—1845— age 83
67- Mahurin Michael Amoureaux—1832– age 84
383295164_6da242d2a2_b 68- Dr. Lewis Linn—1795-1843
E.A.R. Linn—1800-1861
68a- John Henderson—1803-1841
69- John Scott—1782-1861
Andrew Scott—1881– 83yrs.
Elizabeth Scott, mother of Andrew,—1827–age 70
Catherine Scott—1815, wife of John.
Elizabeth Scott—1811-1816, daughter of Catherine & John.
70- William Adams
383296026_1c571d49c0_b 71- Columbus McClenehan—1811-1841
(see above photo) 72- John McClenehan
(see above photo) 73- Columbus Frazier—1834–age 21
(see above photo) 74- Catherine  McClenehan—1838-1840
(see above photo) 75- James Clark—1795-1851
76- Francis Kressman—1836
77- James L. Day—1790-1832
Pricilla Day—1804-1862
78- Henry Smith—1815-1870
79- Anthony Huck—1881–age 24
80- Jacob Roth—1817-1857
81- Emaline Wilson—1839-1869
82- Martin Sweek—1849
Caroline Sweek—1849
Cyrus Sweek—1827-1859
383297047_7d290c4e82_b 83- August–1872, & Frederick Seysler—1870
(see above photo) 84- Isaac Guilloz–
85- Francis B. Schmitt—1855-1861
86- Lucy Ann Moro—1830-1851
87- Katherine ( Naeger ) Hettig, wife of Felix Hettig,–1835-1860
88- Felicite Moss—1851
Charles F. Moss—1872
Antoine Beltrami—1811-1866
Mary Felicite Beltrami—1837-1851
Emily, wife of Antoine Beltrami—1822-1855
Joseph B. Beltrami—1855—age 2 mos.
Mary Agnes Beltrami—age 8 mos.
89- Gabriel Thomure—1792-1858
Baptiste Thomure—1835-1858
Mary Christine Thomure—1821-1854
90- John Ribault—1849
91- Ernestine Pernot—1804-1862
92- Henry Manley
93- Antoine Lalumandier—1800-1852
94- Joseph Potier—1777-1868
95- Louise Skewes—1862–age 23
Steven Augustus, only son of Gustavus & Lizzie Ste.
Gemme-1862-age 6.
William Skewes—1806-1868
96- Philomena, wife of Edmund Price-1838-1862
98- Sauveur Detchmendy—1809-1869
99- Child of S. & R. Detchmendy—1850-1869
100- Andrew Anderson—1821-1877
101- Gottlob Bebion—1843-1873
102- Anna Bebion—18_5
103- Mary A. Guilloz—
104- Thomas J. Brady—1821-1888
105- Mary B. Leavonworth, wife of Ralph—1800-1868
Augustus W.—1860- age 3
106- Henry Theobald Seebach—1865-1866
107- Augustine Seebach –1829-1880
108- Dorthea Schramm—1804-1873
Frederick & Henry, children of Fred & Marguereth Raab, –1874 & 1880
W.C.Emile, son of C. & M. Luicke–1871-1873
Amos, son of A. & A. Galvan—1866
H.W. Lucke, son of Charles & Anna Luecke
109- John Moro—1840-1861
Mary Moro—1844-1861
Mary Agnes Moro—1822-1867
110- James Frederick Wilson—1871
111- Lizy Jane Wilson—1863
Mary Wilson
Noe Thomure—1852-186_
112- Elvina LaRose—1838-1859
______LaRose –1858-1860
113- Mary Pisch, wife of George Pisch–1822-1855
Louis Pisch–1854
George Pisch—1855
114- John Montgomery—1789-1856
Nerre, son of Neree Valle & Agale Chouteau–1849
Nerre Auguste, son of N. & A. Valle—1851
Francois Durand—1792-1864
115- Marie Schilli—1828-1855
116- J. A. Ziegler—1862-age 67
117- Teresa & Rosan Burgert—1854-61—1858-60
118- Charles Jokerst—1827-1854
119- J. Rosati LaSource—1828-1858
_______Brugere, wife of Vilars–1815-1856
Adelaide Brugere, wife of Anthony—1795-1876
Francis M. Simonet—1850-185-
120- Samhson  Hartzell–1851
121- Jean Bte. LaFont—1739-1790
Charlotte LaSource LaFont—1740-1788
122- Gertrude Saelinger Houser—1783-1872
123- Joseph Carron—1787-1845
124- Mary Moreau, wife of Peter Moreau
125- Bazile Simino—1796-1843
126- Pierre Valle—1845–5 yrs.
127- Pelagie Ste. Gemme, wife of Barthelemew–1814–29 yrs.
128- Felix Theodore (Slave) —1825-1847
129- Antoine Thomure—1787-1844
130- Octave Thomure—1854-1857
131- Henry Auguste Abuchon–1818-1845
132- Pierre Maurice—1845- 19 yrs.
133- Rose Adelaide Guigron Pratte—1790-1822
Marie Rose Pratte—1821
Jean Bte. Sebastien Pratte—1823
134- Joseph Binnetet—1804-1855
135- Catherine Clarkson Adams—1792-1854
136- Mary E.Smith—1878-1880
137- Eugina Gerard Valle—1806-1840


Burials in Memorial Cemetery that most likely do not have stones, but have been passed down by family stories or otherwise stating a burial in Memorial Cemetery:

Grieshaber, Anna Maria; 23 Mar 1791 to 3 Sep 1834
Grieshaber, Joseph; 29 Mar 1843 to 24 Dec 1847
Hettig, Catherine; 23 Apr 1834 to 5 Sep 1860
Hoog, Margaritha; 9 Jun 1786 to 2 Nov 1866
De Mun, Auguste; d. 28 Aug 1816
The 12 unidentified victims of the Doctor Franklin No 2 steamboat explosion; d. Aug 1852

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Memorial Cemetery Map

Unknown Author

Half One – abt 60kb
Half Two – abt 55kb
The Whole Thing – abt 99kb
(keep in mind that a little on each half is duplicated on the other)
Also remember to pay attention to where the roads are on the map.


The above image was submitted by Marie Lawrence [(Enable Javascript to see the email address)], thank you very much, Marie!!
(This is a view looking to the SE … hope correct direction … the tall marker for Charles Hypolite Gregoire on the far right, the Zieglers to the left, and if I remember, Bossier.)

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