1. Just visited the Rigdon Mill site for the first time. Thank you to the current property owners, the Schmidt’s, for taking us on a tour. We were having a small Rigdon cousins reunion in the Ste Genevieve area and this was a highlight!
    On a side note, if you are visiting Ste Gen, I would recommend White Cliff Manor B&B in St. Mary’s. The owner, Brian, has renovated the lovely home and has a vast knowledge of it’s history.

    1. My great-grandfather is Gilbert Rigdon the son of Louis and Elizabeth Rigdon which there are also buried at the cemetery in Coffman Missouri. Gilbert for my understanding took over the farm of Lewis and Elizabeth Rigdon that how I know this my grandfather is Robert Rigdon he is one of nine from Gilbert and Rita Rigdon. My grandfather can’t quite remember where the farm is he lived at the farm when he was little. Is there anyone that may have this information or is it part of that nine

  2. Will have to look at Col. Coffmans will and check out ownership of the mill. Do not recall any of the folks ever talking about it. I have only read it once since Dad died in 2010. There is so much material to go through. Did find the original land grant signed by John Q Adams on one piece of land. Hank Johnson is having the land grant translated into modern English which I need to retrieve some day.

  3. Interesting post about this mill.

    I believe that Thomas M. Horine was the son of Margaret Madden and Jacob Horine. Margaret was the daughter of Thomas Maddin Sr. The wife of Thomas Horine was Catherine James. I have Thomas Horine dying about 1849. His daughter Susan Horine (b. abt 1842) married William L. Riley abt 1862, which lines up with the lawsuit in 1863.

    Robert Blackwell Holmes was the son of William Holmes and his wife Sarah was the daughter of Rev. John McFarland. William Holmes and son Robert moved to the River Aux Vases area in the 1830s after William bought some land originally granted to Thomas Maddin Sr. by Spain before 1803.

    Biosketches of William Holmes, Rev. John McFarland and Thomas Maddin Sr families are in the Biographies section of Resources at this website.

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