Top 5 Educational Books

Education is booming. People everywhere want to learn more about everything, thanks to the information culture technology has delivered. There is now increasing demand for everything from self-help through to specific, niche learning interests, and volumes upon volumes of texts have been authored around this area. Even in terms of our education system, and the way we approach education, there is extensive interest in improving outcomes.

Theories of education cover a broad church, and there is ample room for personal opinion and preference. This top five gives an insight into some of the most celebrated works on the topic. For those who want to delve deeper, there is plenty of literature available for further study, helping provide a broader basis for forming your own ideas. Here are our top 5 education books, to give you a flavor of some of the more intriguing options on the market.


Five Minds For The Future



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Howard Gardner has a reputation for writing inspirational books with the potential to change your worldview. Following on from his success with Changing Minds, Five Minds For The Future discusses how life-long learning can help improve commercial results. Targeted at the business and industry leaders of tomorrow, Five Minds is a particularly interesting read, developing strong arguments in favor of continual personal development and growth.

Waiting For Superman

Following on from the success of the film of the same name in 2010, Waiting For Superman uncovers and examines the inner workings of the US public schools system. For anyone with an interest in education, learning or even politics, this book provides an at times shocking insight into how the system works, and the challenges it faces. The film won the Audience Award for Best Documentary at the Sundance Film Festival in the year of its release, and the book version is already being well received.

The Uses Of The University

Clark Kerr’s academic study of universities as an institution is the leading text in this area, and a must-read for any academic or university administrator. The Uses Of The University examines the types of challenges and issues universities face, in addition to discussing the author’s ideas about how best to administrate and build institutions – in particular, research universities. Through colorful examples, Kerr illuminates an area of public life that too often flies below the radar.

A New Culture Of Learning



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Douglas Thomas and John Seely Brown teamed up to create A New Culture of Learning, a book that examines waves of change, and the impact of learning and personal development on wider society. A fascinating read from an anthropological perspective, the book examines the increasingly central role of information and knowledge in learning.

The Element

Sir Ken Robinson’s The Element is a witty study of the intersection between individual passion and personal expertise. Drawing on inspirational success stories from business, the arts and public life, The Element examines how people can get to this more effective state in their work and personal lives. One of the world’s foremost writers on inspiration and sourcing creativity, Robinson’s writing style makes this a most enjoyable read.

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