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I was cleaning up my email box last night and came across a rather rude email from one of the visitors of this website that I had apparently failed to delete after replying to.  This person suggested that I give up my “job” at the “genealogy society” to someone else who could do her research for her.

I just want to remind everyone that this website is NOT an official city or county website and that Ste. Genevieve does not have a historical or genealogical society (there is Landmark’s Commission and the Foundation for Restoration, but that’s as close as it gets, ironically enough).  This site was a “labor of love” that was started in 2003 when I was basically on bed rest with my first pregnancy.  Now, 10 years later — TEN YEARS!! — I am afraid that do not have much time for this website or even my own genealogy research.  I know that that much is clear to any regular visitor of this site.  I do my best to post updates or information that people send me, I make sure I maintain the surname registry and that the site stays running, but I’m afraid that between my family, homeschooling, and my photography business, there’s not much time left for genealogy or history.

I want to reiterate that I am not taking genealogy queries at this time.  It is recommended that you comment on any of the articles on this site.  When you do, the text of your message will be picked up and searchable by search engines such as Google as well as visitors who search this site using the site’s own search function.  You can subscribe to comments so that if someone replies to you, you will get an email.

I have to admit that I have thought of just closing this site down because I cannot give it the time it deserves, but I choose to keep it open in the hopes that I will not only, from time to time, have the chance to add information to it, but that the current information can help someone somewhere out there.  Thankfully, I have to say that all of the emails I have received regarding this site, except the one mentioned above, have been extremely positive.  If it were not for those people who have thanked myself and others for information and let us know that this site has helped them in some way, this site would certainly not be in operation today.  It has cost me time and money to maintain it, if I felt it were completely unhelpful, I would close it.  So thank you to the positive visitors, I really appreciate you.

I hope that one day I will be able to devote more time to this website.  However, that does not mean that I will ever have time to do your research for you.  My goal is just to make available resources that you might not otherwise find online.  In the meantime, please feel free to continue to submit information or arrange with me so that you can have your own pages here (preferred, haha) and I will do my best to at least update all of that.  ♥

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  1. Thank you for keeping the site up! Sometimes people get volunteer and paid mixed up. Genealogy can be a LOT of work and can eat up a WHOLE LOT OF TIME! I can’t imagine keeping a site you have with children in the home.
    I use your site to help my quest to learn about my own family history. So if anyone in St. Genevieve or St. Francois know anything about anyone with the name ROCK please contact me!
    Thank you again!
    John Ozzy Williams

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