1. So happy to find this site. My Everett family had a farm very early which was half in Perry County and half in Ste. Genevieve County, just a little ways from St. Mary’s now owned by the Otte family, and their history is eluding me as they lived there before the first census. I am hoping to find a list of land grants in this county.

    Thank you for your help.

  2. I have found my ancestor John Brown on the last page! But I would like to know what each column in the census stands for. I know they are for members but for what age category is each line…and where would I go for more information? This is a HUGE break in my search!

  3. Thanks for posting. I looked thru all the screen shots and still can’t find my family. My gggrandfather, Nicholas Hartzell left Pittsburg June 1814 and headed to Ste. Genevieve and set up a tanyard, possibly named Shingles. I found the Estate Sale showing his wife, Mary Goza with several people buying items of the tanyard. Isaiah Goza, Michael Goza, Hugh Goza. I can’t find a marriage record for Nicholas and Mary. I am assuming Michael, Isaiah and Hugh were siblings as they always moved to the same areas. Nicholas and Mary had 1 son, Silas Hartzell born 1820 and Nicholas later died September 1822. Wonder why he is not on the Census as he lived in Ste. Gen. at that time.

  4. I am looking for Mary Maurice, married first to Joseph Lemon then to Edward LaChappele alias Molle or Maul. I am also looking for Louis LaChappele, alias Molle, a brother to Michel LaChappele, Son of Bazille LaChappele and Mary Molle who I found in the church records. Any information would be appreciated.

  5. I found Noah Hunt in this 1818 with the following:

    What is the age group for each number please?

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