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Had the registry break for a bit, but got it working again now.  As a consequence all empty entries have been removed.  The people who are displayed are those who have added their surnames to their profile and contacted me to be added.  One of these days when I can figure it out, I will make this automatic, however, today is not the day.

Please do not assume that because you were listed at the old site, that you are here, too.  Please check to make sure you’re on there – if you’re not, follow the directions on the page.


  1. HELLO to somebody Valerie sent me a email about your comment I live about 30 miles from St Mary landing
    Margaret & David came there in about 1830’s I am from Farmington Mo, her brother Oliver Hazard McCarver was at Womack not very far from her love to hear from you (Enable Javascript to see the email address)

  2. Author

    Hey guys, to verify, if you check the box below the comment form, you will get an email when someone else replies after you. The emails are sent out automatically and have unsubscribe information on them.
    Hopefully you two can make some connections.

  3. I was looking for any information on the CERRE family of Kaskasia, hoping to find someone who know anything about Henri-Gustav Cerre, my Grandfather, decendant of Gabriel Cerre.

  4. Looking for info on Herbert Brown (father Joseph), Hauck, and Litterest (Or Littrest).

    Thank you!

  5. I am searching for any information on Joseph DeBlois and Magdalene Grifart. They were married in Ste. Genevieve on June 26, 1800. Thanks.

  6. Looking for info on Titus Strickland, born abt. 1777,and his son Titus Jr. who was born in 1815 in Ste. Genevieve. Titus Jr. and his wife Mary Ann Phillips, daughter of James and Elizabeth Applegate Phillips, seem to disappear after 1840. Their daughter, Phoebe Elizabeth Strickland ends up in Calhoun County, IL in 1850. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  7. Researching Beasley, Mead, Bailey, Tucker, Duvall, as well as many others. Louis Beasley, born 1856, married Theressa Mead, born 1844. Theressa died in 1910, her death certificate listed her as a widow, cannot find out what happened to Louis. Suspect that the second husband of Nancy Berry Mead Beasley was John, Louis’s father, but cannot find proof.

  8. My great-great grandmother was Mary Valle Price born 1860 to Constance Valle 1864, Andrew Valle married Elisabeth had two daughter name Mary Adelaide Valle and Constance Valle in 1864 They both were products of Choctaw Native American and African Slaves. I live in California Love to hear of someone thank you

  9. Looking for any information on Emile Dudley Vogt, my grandfather. Born 1880 and passed in 1926. Was only son to his father, Emile P.Vogt. Thank you kindly.

  10. Looking for male Baumgartner or Baumgarte. Spouse of Margaret (born about 1847). Father to Conrad (born about 1874), Ursula (born 1872), and Anna (born 1867). He seems to have died before the 1880 census, but probably not before Conrad was conceived.

  11. Hi, I am seeking information on any of the branches of Sprauls that lived in St. Gen area in the 1800’s. My great-grandfather was Martin (Martain) Spraul originally from Baden, married to a Waller. He may have immigrated around 1850ish.

    I know there were cousins that moved to Ste. Gen in the 1800’s and that there are still some in the area but I have no information on them.

  12. I have spent many hours trying to find information regarding John Guitar in the 1818 census and his parentage. There is one of his sons Alexander Guitar in the 1840 census but no Guitar that I could find in the 1830 census.
    The interesting aspect of some of the Guitars was the name change of some members to Guitar-DeGrant or
    just Degrant. I found no Degrants in any of the censuses.
    My grandmother was Edna Awilda DeGrant and often referred to herself as French. She can be traced directly to
    John Guitar and Laura Byington.
    There must be a story here, somewhere.

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