1. John S. Barrett was my great-great-great grandfather. I have heard a story that his son, James William Barrett, was chopping wood in 1882 when a snake ran across his boot. He swung at the snake, cut through his boot, and died of blood poisoning.

  2. My great great great grandfather was Beverly Barrett a physician in stlouis then buffalo and finally Springfield mo. My great grand mother was Julia (lulu)Barrett wife of John Barrett . I was named after her. Margaret Barrett was my grandmother.

  3. Midway on the John S. Barrett family history page, it has the title of “Children of Margaret Carr and John S. Barrett”. This needs to be corrected in indicate Children of Margaret PATTERSON and John S. Barrett.
    John S. Barrett is my great, great, great grandfather. I believe he is buried at St. Luke Cemetery near Conway, MO.

  4. John C. Barrett – according to the following reference, John’s middle name was Cook.

    U.S. General Land Office Records, 1796-1907
    Certificate 2630 dated 13th of October 1857
    John Cook Barrett of Yell County, Arkansas
    the South East Quarer of the South East quarter of section fourteen (14) of township four (4) North, of range 25, West, in the district of lands subject to sale at Clarksville, Arkansas, containing forty acres.

    BARRETT, JOHN COOK (see Patent Image) 10/30/1857 2630 AR 5th PM 004N – 025W SE¼SE¼ 14 Yell

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