1. Hello from Michigan.
    Thomas Madden m. Margaret BROWN
    son: Malachi Madden m. Caroline JAMES
    son: James Madden m. Caroline unk
    dau Fannie Madden m. 11-15-1903 Charles Hugh CLANCY in De Soto, Jefferson Co MO (1910, 1920, 1930 Census in Union Twp, Washington Co MO on farm. No children.

    Charles Hugh Clancy Parents: John Clancy b. 1831 Providence RI m. 1858 Margaret GILSHANNON in Washtenaw Co MI.

    John was brought up in Ann Arbor, Washtenaw Co MI by parents Michael Clancy b. Mar 1800 Co Kilkenny IRE immigr 1812 IRE to RI m. 1828 Mary A. BUCKLEY in Providence RI b. Co Cork IRE dec. 1850 Ann Arbor MI. Attended St Thomas Catholic Church, graveyard on property.

    Michael Clancy and Mary Buckley are my Gr Gr Grandparents through their dau Bridget Clancy m. Jos FOLEY

    my Gr Grandmother: Clara Josephine Foley b. Rochester NY m. Charles Richard MOORE

    my Grandmother: Dorothy Elizabeth Moore m. James Everett CALDWELL

    my Father: James Richard Caldwell m. Lois Faye VARVEL

    If you’re interested, there it is. I am always interested in finding pictures and living relatives. So far, nothing in the Clancy/Foley/Moore families.
    Janice (Caldwell) Samuelson

  2. What happened to Thomas Madden’s slave children?

  3. Those interested in this family will be interested in an 1839 lawsuit against the heirs of Thomas Madden. I’ve only seen the notice published in The Missouri Argus, 19 Apr 1839, “St. Louis Circuit Court, in Chancery — March Term 1839”. The following is my transcription:

    Elias T. Langham administrator of Angus L. Langham deceased; Jane L. Langham, Mary Langham and Betsy Ann Langham, alias Betsy Ann Rector and Wharton Rector.


    Marie Nicolle Les Bois, Charles S. Hempstead, Richard Madden, Thomas Madden Jr., Israel Madden, Charles Madden, Philip Madden, Nathaniel Cook and Honora his wife, Josiah McClanahan and Anne his wife, Thomas Horine, Thomas M. Smith, Francis H. Smith and Thomas A. Smith, guardian of said Thomas M. and Francis H:

    NOTICE to the above named Marie Nicolle, Les Bois and Charles S. Hempstead — Now at this day come the said complainants, by their solicitor and file their bill of complaint, setting forth in substance, that on the 11th day of May 1803, Don Carlos Dehault Delassus, then Lieutenant Governor under the King of Spain, of the Province of upper Louisiana, granted to the said Marie Nicolle Les Bois, a tract of land, situate and being in that part of said Province, now known as the county of St. Louis, within the State of Missouri, containing the quantity of four hundred and forty four arpens and fifty perches French measure, bounded as follows, that is to say as is specified in the grant and order of survey of said Delassus, and the survey made in conformity therewith by Antoine Soulard, Surveyor General of said province — That said grant was confirmed to said Marie Nicolle, or her legal representatives by Act of Congress approved 4th July 1836, that on the 15th day of March 1810 said Marie Nicolle by deed of that date, authorized and empowered one James Mackey as her attorney in her name to sell and dispose of said premises — that on the 24th day of August 1818 said power of attorney, being in full force, said James Mackey, purporting to act as attorney of said Marie Nicolle by virtue of said power, sold and conveyed by deed of that date, said premises to one Charles Hempstead, for the price of seventeen hundred and eleven dollars and fifty cents, to which said conveyance, said Mackey affixed his name, but omitted to affix the same of said Marie Nicolle — that said Hempstead paid the said purchase money to said Mackey who has since departed this life, and that he, or his legal representatives paid the whole, or the greater part of said purchase money, to the said Marie Nicolle, — that said Marie Nicolle, neither in person, nor by attorney, ever made any other conveyance, or sale of said premises the legal title in fee to which unless divested out of her by the deed made by said Mackey as aforesaid, still remains in her, — That on the 29th day of January 1819, said Hempstead sold and conveyed to said Angus L. Langham, the one undivided third part of said premises and on the second day of October 1820, said Hempstead and Rachel his wife conveyed on other undivided third part of said premises to said Angus L. Langham, — that said Angus L. paid to said Charles S. Hempstead the said several sums of money in said two deed mentioned, and that said Hempstead and wife on the 13th of December 1823 mortgaged said premises to one Thomas Madden, to secure the payment of the sum of five thousand dollars — that afterwards said mortgage was foreclosed by a decree of the St. Louis circuit court, and the undivided third part so mortgaged was bought by said Madden at Sheriff’s sale, who thereby became possessed of the legal and equitable title, to one third undivided portion of said premises, since when said Madden has departed this life, leaving as heirs those above named as defendants in this cause — That since the conveyance by said Hempstead to procure a legal conveyance from said Marie Nicolle to said premises, and have also applied to said Marie Nicolle to make a good, legal conveyance thereof to said Hempstead, which would then, according to the laws of Missouri inure to the use and benefit of complainants and the heirs of said Madden — But now so it is, said Hempstead, pretends he is not bound to take any steps in order to procure a good deed of conveyance from said Marie Nicolle, and the said Marie Nicolle, pretends that she is not bound by the sale made by the said Mackey as her attorney to the said Charles S. Hemptead, and utterly neglects and refuses to convey by legal instruments in writing the title to said premises to said Hempstead or his assigns — wherefore the said complainants pray that the said Marie Nicolle, and the said Charles S. Hempstead, may upon their corporal oaths true and perfect answer make to all and singular the matters aforesaid, & particularly whether the said Don Carlos Dehaut Delassus, did not make a grant of said premises to said Marie Nicolle? whether the said Marie Nicolle, did not execute to said Mackey the said power of attorney above mentioned? whether the said Mackey, purporting to act, as the attorney of said Marie Nicolle did not sign and seal the deed above mentioned, conveying said premises to said Hempstead[?] whether the said Mackey during his life time, did not receive from said Hempstead the purchase money for said premises? Whether said Mackey during his life time, or his legal representatives since his decease, did not pay over the whole, or a part of said purchase money to said Marie Nicolle, and if so what amount? Whether the said Angus L. Langham did not purchase from said Hempstead one third of said premises and from said Hempstead and wife one other third as aforesaid? Whether said Angus L. did not pay to said Hempstead, a good and valuable consideration for said two thirds of said premises? Wheter said Hempstead did not mortgage one third of said premises to said Thomas Madden? Whether said mortgage was not afterwards foreclosed, & the said undivided third part, purchased by said Madden? Whether said Marie Nicolle has not been requested, since the sale of of[sic] said premises, made by said Mackey, to execute a deed of quit-claim to said premises to said Charles S. Hempstead? And that said Marie may be compelled to execute a good and sufficient deed of conveyance or quit-claim of all her right and title to said premises to said Charles S. Hempstead. And the said bill being accompanied by and affidavit dtating that said Charles S. Hempstead & Marie Nicolle Les Bois, are not residents of the state of Missouri, it is therefore ordered, that they be required by publication of this order in the manner and for the time prescribed by law, to appear at the next term of this court, to be begun and held at the city of St. Louis, on the third Monday of July next and on or before the sixth day thereof, answer demur, except or plead to the said bill, or the same will be taken against them for confessed.

    A true copy of the order

    Attest JOHN RULAND Clerk.

    April 10, 1839.

    1. People interested in this family would be interested in the 168 pages in a PDF file of the 1858 “Madden’s Heirs v. Madden’s Administrator and Heirs” case heard by the MO Supreme Court and found in their Case Files available on-line at the MO State Archive website on web page https://s1.sos.mo.gov/records/archives/archivesdb/supremecourt/Detail.aspx?id=6487
      This case gives testimony by Thomas Maddin Sr’s heirs about what property their father had given whom and Israel Maddin’s testimony is especially enlightening.

  4. I am a great great granddaughter of Richard Maddison Holmes who was the son of William J Holmes and Margaret Madden Holmes (who was daughter of Richard, the son of Thomas, Sr. ). This makes Thomas Sr. my 5th great grandfather.
    It was also exciting to find that my father was likely named Charles after uncles of the same name.
    My grandfather, Eddie Bull’s mother was Mary Ellen “Mollie”Holmes. she was the daughter of Richard Madison Holmes and Susan Burke. Richards parents were William J Holmes and Margaret Madden.

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