1. I wrote you years ago concerning the Jesse and wife confusion. I met a way distant cousin through DAR who is on the Sarah Blackwell Holmes line. I now have a (supplimental, meaning I have other proven patriots) application waiting for approval in DAR! So, Jesse Blackwell ~was~ in the American Revolution as he stated in a St Genevieve court for a war pension. I am on Jesse’s son, Jesse’Jr and Polly Boring’s line. Thank you for you help. Jeannine Dobbins is a relative on the Holmes line and she lives in Colorado (Durango?). Jeannine had to do a lot of research to prove Jesse participated, as his pay records are missing. Jesse ~Jr~ is my 3rd great grandfather, buried here outside of Lockhart, Caldwell Co. Tx. And he was proven as being in the War of 1812 as an indian fighter in Washington Co. MO. My family has now been proven back to the Rev, if only I could find more on Jesse Sr’s parents and arrival in the US! Hopefully we will one day learn more.

    1. Thanks for the update about Jesse. I believe you are saying Jeannine Dobbins was able to get Jesse designated as a Revolutionary War Patriot by the DAR. I would be interested on what proof Jeannine was able to provide.

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