1. In few years ago, we stopped at St. Mary’s, MO and visited this cemetery to look for Jesse Townsend and I found his last name but not his first name and also, I saw either his first wife or second wife, Mary. Also, I wonder do they have Jesse Townsend obituary notes because he is only oldest resident. I think he died in 1929 or before. He is great-great grandfather.


    Billy Trendle

  2. Please go to SOS.MO.GOV and click on records. This will take you to the death certificate
    of Jesse TOWNSEND.

    1. Thanks and I found his headstone of Jesse Townsend thru “Search A Grave”. We realized that we had been placed to visit in the wrong plot area.


  3. Those photos are the most beautiful I have seen of grave yard photos. Would u consider adding those to Find A Grave to represent the cemetery u took them of?

  4. I am looking for the burial place of my grandmother. I believe she was born and died in/near St. Mary’s. Her name is Leona Grace Huber Thomure. Born 1905. Died June 20, 1936 in a car accident on Hwy 61.

    1. you can go to the library in Ste Genevieve. If she is in the St Mary Cemetery her name will be listed there and an approximate location of her grave.

  5. What hours is the cemetery open? Went there on Sunday and all gate along cemetery rd. were closed.

    1. Author

      I believe the gates are always closed. As per Missouri law you can just go right in. As long as you’re there for valid reasons and not to vandalize etc then you can visit any cemetery in Missouri.

    2. Author

      Oh but if someone gated up the actual road, that’s a question for the sheriff’s dept. They are supposed to escort you, however, if you’re trying to visit a cemetery surrounded by private property and the owners won’t let you pass.

    3. The gates area closed most of the time but they are not locked and you can enter.

  6. (Enable Javascript to see the email address)
    Looking for Gabriel Schwebel born abt 1847 Germany
    and wife Mary Meyer Schwebel born in IL but both buried in St. Genevieve, MO

  7. I was want ink to visit my friends grave site, but I can’t remember where it is located. She passed in the late 70’s her name was Connor L Giesler.
    Thanks for any help you can provide.

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