16 Aug 1884/Ste. Genevieve Herald/Misc

Ste. Genevieve Herald
St. Genevieve, Mo.
Saturday, 16 Aug 1884

1000 lbs. of good lard at 8cts. per lb., at ROZIER & JOKERST.

Geo. SEXAUER has received and put up his new pool table and his billiard
table has also received a new coat, and they look lovely.

A.L. LUNSFORD has insured $146,000 worth of property in this county since
March last.

The colored club organized at WEHNER’s farden last Saturday, goes by the
name of “BLAINE and LOGAN reliables.” They number twenty-one.

Mr. Thomas BRYAN, who comes before the people to-day as a candidate of
assessor needs no eulogy from us. There can be no question as to his
ability, and his integrity of character has never been questioned.

It will be good news to the many friends of Phil STAAB, of New Offenburg,
that that gentleman has recovered from his painful sickness of many months
and is once more up and about.

The candidates’ picnic season has now fairly opened and woe to the candidate
who fails to attend and make himself solid with the voters by liberal
donations for ice-cream, prize-cakes, etc.

We learn from a prominent citizen of Jackson Township that a large number of
citizens of that Township regard the proposed Bridge over the Establishment
as useless and will vote against the appropriation.

Mr. Bernard SCHMELZLE of Zell threshed his wheat this week and the outcome
was, as far as we were able to learn, 1400 bushels. Messrs. August BAEHLE
and Jos. FALLERT, also of Zell, will each thresh about the same quantity.

We hear it rumored that Tony KRANZLE is about to buy the farm of B.S.
PRATTE. Mr. PRATTE has one of the finest farms on the Saline. We learn
that if the trade is consummated, Mr. PRATTE proposes to move to California
and engage in stock raising.

Mrs. E. KERN has just received a lot of notions, silk embroideries, corsets,
handkerchiefs, rushings, buttons, ladies’ and children’s hosiery, rubber
gossamers, jerseys, collars, ties, fissues. Will sell at St. Louis prices.
Hats sold at COST now.

We call the attention of our readers to the announcement of Mr. Frank J.
HUCK, our present assessor, for re-election. Mr. HUCK has been in office
for the last two years and, as far as we can learn, has striven to do right
to the best of his ability, and no fair-minded man will expect him to do
more. He is subject to the will of the people.

Good young chickens from $1.50 to $1.75 per dozen at ROZIER & JOKERST.

Messrs. Barth. and Theo. OTT moved with their families to Salisbury, Mo.,
last Monday. The brothers will quickly feel themselves at home in Chariton
Co., as several relatives have already mad their home there. The Herald, of
course accompanies them to their new home.

HOFFMAN’s, St. Mary, Mo., is the place to do your trading. He pays the
highest price for produce, carries a fine line of all kinds of general
merchandise and by certain arrangements that he has made with Eastern and
St. Louis houses he is enabled to sell goods at the VERY lowest.

A boy four years old, son of Mr. Herman F. BOCKENKAMP of Willow Pond, fell
into a cistern 17 feet deep. The child was severely bruised on the head and
side and, at first, fears were entertained that he had sustained fatal
internal injuries. Dr. SCOTT was promptly called and the little sufferer
could soon be pronounced out of danger.

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