16 Aug 1884/Ste. Genevieve Herald/Misc II

Ste. Genevieve Herald
Ste. Genevieve, Mo.
Saturday, 16 Aug 1884

I have just made arrangements with two of the largest clothing houses in
Chicago and St. Louis whereby I will be enabled to carry the largest and
best assortment of clothing and to sell them for less money than any other
house in Ste. Genevieve Co.
Yours etc., M.W. HOFFMAN
St. Mary, Mo.

Bob LONG is certainly an unlucky wight. Sunday night he wanted to jump off
the Little Gem to look for fuel, but missed it and only the circumstance
that Joseph FITZKAM didn’t cut his hair too short, saved his life. On
Monday Mr. LONG was riding a horse between here and Rock Haven when the
animal stumbled and fell, and the rider, of course was the under one in the
pile. He was not hurt, however, and is laughing at his mishap.

Wm. VAN WINKLE, the Greenback Labor apostle and Jeffersonian orator of St.
Mary, is seriously contemplating becoming a candidate for the Legislature in
this county. If he should conclude to do so, we understand he will
challenge all aspirants for that position to a free and joint debate upon
all topics affecting the interests of the people and, as Mr. VAN WINKLE is
possessed in a large degree with what is vulgarly called the “gift of gab,”
he will make things lively. Should Citizen Pottinger be tempted to enter
the arena, we will have the liveliest campaign for many years. The Herald
will give all parties a fair show.

The excursion to St. Mary last Sunday was a very pleasant affair with the
exception of the return trip. The weather was beautiful and the whole earth
smiled encouragement on the company when the “Little Gem” started from the
foot of Market street. The
“Music rose with its voluptuous swell,
And all went merry as a marriage bell.”
All the participants concur in the opinion that it couldn’t have been
better, and the fun was, as Karl SCHURZ would say, “simply immense.” But
the return trip was marked by several mishaps, which were anything but
pleasant. The boat ran against a snag first and against the bank
afterwards, which latter accident prostrated the whole company andforced
them to make a low salaam before king Gambriaus, who himself unceremoniously
left his throne and rolled about in a very undignified manner. Besides
something was wrong with the machine, and by the time the damage was
repaired, the boat had drifted back as far as the Kaskaskia cut off, where
they wer obliged to stay and wait for the Elliott to tow them up to Ste.
Genevieve, for want of fuel. The cold night air gave some of the company a
bad cold, but altogether, the fun was greater than the damage.


The meeting was called to order by John S. WHITLOCK, chairman of the
central committee, who moved that Capt. G. ST. GEM be made chairman of the
meeting. The motion was carried, P. MENARD was then made secretary. The
chair announced that the object of the meeting was to organize a BLAINE and
LOGAN club, after which the meeting proceeded to organize. On motion, Mr.
ST. GEM was made president of the club, P.A. MENARD, secretary, and W.H.
BANTZ and Val ROTTLER, vice presidents.
The president delivered a short address, in which he pointed out the
manner work could be done to further the interests of the club.
The names of 75 members were then enrolled on the book.
On motion it was resolved that the club be named the “Blaine and Logan
Club of Ste. Genevieve.” There being no further business, the meeting
adjourned until Saturday, August 16th.


Will be given at Philips STAAB’s
place in New Offenburg, on
The New Offenburg String Band
will, as usual, furnish their excel-
lent music. Choice refreshments
of all kinds will be provided in
plenty. Everybody is most cor-
dially invited to be present.

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