26 July 1884/Ste. Genevieve Herald/Personals

Ste. Genevieve Herald
Ste. Genevieve, Mo.
Saturday, 26 July 1884


Dr. SCOTT has located at French Village.

Mr. Nicholas WEHNER went to the city last evening.

Dr. HERTICH and wife, of Bloomsdale, were in this week.

Mr. Leon BOGY, of St. Mary, was in town last Sunday.

Dr. BYRNE and Mr. T.B. WHITLEDGE were in town Monday.

Mrs. Joe GUIGNON, of St. Louis, is visiting relatives here.

Capt. Alex. ZIEGLER, of Pevely, was in town a few days this week.

Miss Lizzie WEISS went to St. Louis Tuesday and returned Friday.

Mr. H.S. SHAW took a little business trip to St. Louis Sunday and returned next day.

Miss Minnie SCHLOSSER came down from St. Louis, last Saturday, to visit her mother at this place.

Miss Rosa BAECHLE, who has been visiting her parents at this place, returned to St. Louis Sunday.

Miss Ella PRATTE, one of St. Mary's most handsome young ladies, was here this week, visiting friends.

Mrs. Harry LAWRENCE, of St. Louis, came down on the Elliott last Saturday to spend a few days with her parents, Dr. and Mrs. COX.

Mr. G.W. FLINT and lady, of Greenville, Ill., were stopping at the Southern on Saturday and Sunday last. They left for Farmington Monday.

Mr. Wm. SCHULZ and family, of St. Louis, came down on the Elliott Thursday night. Mr. SCHULZ is a brother of Mr. R. SCHULZ, first engineer at the Cone Mills.

Miss Lizzie GOVEREAU, who has been spending several weeks with the family of  her brother, Felix Govereau, returned to her home in Ste. Genevieve county, Mo. –Greenville Sun.

Mr. P.A. MENARD, who has been visiting here, left for St. Louis Sunday, in company with Miss Jessie MENARD. Mr. MENARD will go to Sacramento, Cal., and Miss Jessie will spend a few days with her sister, Mrs. R.G. CAMPBELL, in St. Louis.

Misses Norma SCHMID and Amelia KOESTER, who have been the guests of Mrs. Karl A. MUELLER for the past three weeks, returned to St. Louis per Elliott on Sunday last, much to the regret of several of our dudes. We hope to see them back again before the summer is over.

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