19 July 1884/Ste. Genevieve Herald/Chestnut Ridge

Ste. Genevieve Herald
Ste. Genevieve, Mo.
Saturday, 19 July 1884

by Sam Schuck

Weather dry.

The wheat crop is cut.

Oat harvest just commenced.

Corn and potatoes are very fine.

Huckleberries are now in the market.

R.W. CLAY is cutting the sprouts out of his corn.

James SILVEY has bought a bran new reaper.

Mrs. Henry FRASER is very sick at the residence of L.J. LAWS.

Our young folks had quite a nice singing at the church last Sunday.

We want a number one teacher to teach the Chestnut Ridge public school.

Miss Emma HARRELSON is teaching summer school at the KELLER school house.

There was preaching at the BABB school house yesterday, by Rev. J. MOGELIN.

Since the death of L.G. PATTERSON, where is Ste. Genevieve county’s material for Legislative honors?

It is suggested that a reward of 25 cents be offered for the head of the man who issued the last call for a Democratic Primary.

Our Democratic bosses must be reminded of one intensely intense fact: you can boss a mass meeting, but you can’t elect your man without votes. Stick a pin here.

Prof. R.W. CLAY’s friends have handed him a petition requesting him to become a candidate for the office of Associate Justice for the district composed of the townships of Beauvais, Saline and Union, but Mr. CLAY says he is as easy as an old shoe and has but little if any political aspirations.

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