4 Jul 1884/Genevieve Herald/Misc

Ste. Genevieve Herald
Ste. Genevieve, Mo.
Friday, 4 Jul 1884

The colored public school closed Wednesday.

A shooting gallery has been opened on Main street.

Our mail came about one hour after the usual time last Monday.

The river is falling and there is no danger of an overflow this year.

John F. SHEARLOCK shipped 8,000 feet of walnut lumber to St. Louis this week.

L. D. THURMAN is carrying the mail between this place and Ruma, Ill. since last Tuesday.

Mrs. M. VIEH has raised ten canaries this Spring from a siingle pair; who can beat it?

WEHNER’s Summer Garden is becoming quite popular as a resort to spend the summer evenings.

Our young friend P.A. MENARD will read the Declaration of Independence at the picnic grounds to-day.

On June 27, Gov. CRITTENDEN appointed H. S. SHAW prosecuting attorney of  this county, vice Vallee HAROLD, resigned.

The "heated term" has arrived and with it cucumbers, the doctors’ best friends, soon to be followed by watermelons, blackberries and other summer delicacies.

Our friend Kilian GRIESHABER is probably the only man in the country who cut his wheat this season without the help of a single outsider. Three of his sons cut the wheat with cradles, three bound it, three more raked the
stubble; and himself, with a younger son, put up the shocks. Mr. G. is well-satisfied with his harvest.

As far as we were able to ascertain, there were about 50 self-binders sold in this county this season, of which more than half were disposed of here in town.

The Ste. Genevieve Herald to-day is like the young lady who was asked to take another saucer of ice-cream and who sweetly answered: "Thanks, but I am a little crowded already."

Judge J.D. FOX, of Madison county, was not mentioned as a candidate for delegate at large in the Democratic State convention until Tuesday morning, and his friends are satisfied with his 351 votes, although he was not elected.

Joseph OBERLE’s horse got balky on Main Str. last Monday evening upset the wagon and ran away. Willie SEXAUER, who was driving a cow to the pasture at the time was nearly run over by the beast and only the quickness with which he let got of the rope and got out of the way, saved him.

Messrs. HOFFMAN & SUCHER, Hy. LUECKE, A.L. DUNKLIN, Chas. BURGERT and other dealers in self-binders have been busy for the last two weeks, putting up and in good running order the respective machines sold by them. As far as we were able to learn, they all gave satisfaction.

In order to be abreast of the times, the WILDER Bros. purchased a handsome flag, and the stars and stripes may be seen to-day waving over their store on Main and Merchant. This shows that they are not only emterprising
business men but also genuine young American patriots.

The teachers of the white Public Schools submitted the following term reports for the scholastic year 1883-4:
1st term 2nd
term 3rd term
No. of students enrolled 33 43

No. days attendance 3339 4344

Average No. each day 19 22

Average No. days attendance
each pupil 153 154

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