28 Jun 1884/Ste. Genevieve Herald/Misc

Ste. Genevieve Herald
Ste. Genevieve, Mo.
Saturday, 28 Jun 1884

Harvest hands are in demand.

Mr. Jules GUIGNON is having his house repaired.

Prof. FLYNN’s school closed for this term Wednesday.

Don’t forget the picnic at GROBE’s Grove on July 4th.

On July 4th the Riversides will play a match game with a St. Louis club, on the picnic grounds.

It is said that an excursion is being organized in St. Louis to come down to our picnic on the 4th.

Many visitors from St. Louis will make MEYER’s Hotel their summer resort. This speaks well for Ste. Genevieve.

Nearly everybody is harvesting this week, and self-binders were greatly in demand the first of the week.

The Mexican pension bill has passed the Senate. We have several Mexican veterans in this Co. who will no doubt appreciate this information.

I am happy to be able to state that every reaper and self-binder sold and put up by me, has given entire satisfaction. I am also glad to state that all my customers have treated me in a most satisfactory and gentlemanly manner.

There is rumor abroad that sneak-thieves were at work in several houses in the center of town last Monday night and succeeded in getting away with eatables and sundries. It would be a good idea for the city to provide a public kitchen for those hungry fellows, though there is great probability that the rascals will turn up their noses at the victuals set before them; they don’t eat common food, but will have their pick. They are your birds
of fine plumage, that look down upon common mortals who are not ashamed to work for their living, but don’t consider stealing as a disgrace as long as they are not caught. Build a public eating house.

We learn that our Greenback friends of St. Mary had a grand ratification meetng last Saturday evening, the Hon. G.M. JACKSON of St. Louis being the principal orator of the occassion. George MATTINGLY, the father of the Greenback party in this county, presided over the meeting, Chris. MYERS being secretary. The notable event of the meeting was the initiation of George BOND, who has heretofore been one of the most prominent and stalwart Republicans of this county into the folds of the party. Mr. JACKSON is an able, plausible speaker, and never fails to entertain a crowd. There are not very many Greenbackers in this part of the county, but what few there are, are enthusiastic for their candidate B.F. BUTLER, and they are confident that if they fail to elect their man, he will, at least, make it lively and interesting for both the other parties. The members of the party have adopted a spoon for their badge. Two large tin spoons were hung out from the balcony of DIFANI’s Hall where the speaking took place and the prominent members of the party sported small ones on the lapels of their coats. Let the procession go ahead, the Herald will give all sides a fair show.

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