28 Jun 1884/Ste. Genevieve Herald/Misc II

Ste. Genevieve Herald
Ste. Genevieve, Mo.
Saturday, 28 Jun 1884

On Sunday last the Riversides of Ste. Genevieve downed the Actives of Perryville, at St. Mary, by a score of 16 to 28. The Ste. Genevieve boys
were not up to their usual standard, several inexcusable muffs and errors were scored against them. Whether this was due to the hot and almost
unbearable weather or to the fact that the sympathy of the St. Mary people was against them, is difficult to say. The Actives are hard hitters but Hy.
BECQUETTE’s curves were too much for them, not being able to bat him until the seventh inning when he had become tired out. A large crowd from Ste. Genevieve and Perryville were on the grounds to witness the game, and bets were freely offered on the Riversides but found no takers.

Joseph KOHM, the champion breeder of horses in this county, made a good spec the other day. Some five months ago he bought a mare for breeding purposes at the round sum of $100. The other day the mare brought him a fine colt and last week Mr. RETZ, of Illinois took mare and colt for $150. Joe
evidently knows the business.

The County Republican Central Committee, on behalf of the Republicans of Ste. Genevieve county hereby tender their heartfelt thanks to the Ste.
Genevieve Progressive Cornet Band for their kind services at the Republican ratification meeting at WEHNER’s Garden last Saturday; also to member of the central committee and other Republicans for their disinterested zeal in striving to make the meeting a success, and to the Democrats and others not
of their political faith for the kind and polite attendance at the meeting.  By order of the committee, John. S. WHITLOCK, Chairman

The colored pupils of the Publis Schools held their annual picnic at GROBE’s Grove last Wednesday. The children marched to the scene of their day’s frolic in charge of their teacher accompanied by a number of the parents.  The day promised to be fine in the morning and everything went well until
some time after three o’clock in the afternoon when Jupiter Muvius(?) made a descent on the festive scene and spoiled the programme. The children had
got through with their exercises and Capt. ST. GEM had delivered a short address appropriate to the occassion when the rain came and put a atop to
the proceedings. Well, the children had their fun, and that was all they wanted.

According to announcement, the Public School picnic was held on MAXWELL’s Hill last Thursday. The Board of Directors had preferred this place on
account of it proximity to town and pleasant situation. The pupils marched out under the escort of their teachers, the procession being headed by the
"Progressive Cornet Band" who had ransacked their repertoire for the merriest tunes. Every exertion had been put forward by the school directors
to make the place as comfortable as possibe for the children and visitors, and everybody seemed to enjoy himself to the utmost. Great credit is due to the Board of Directors who did all in their power to make the feast of the little ones a success, in which praise-worthy endeavor they succeeded most admirably. The teachers express their thanks on behalf of the children to Miss Lizzie ZIEGLER who had kindly provided an abundance of refreshments for the comfort of the children, and to Mr. Nicholas WEHNER for the ready loan of the tables and chairs from his summer garden. It is to be hoped that a similar festival will be given to the pupils of the Public Schools every year, as a reward of good behavior and an encouragement for the future.

The Republican ratification meeting at WEHNER’s summer garden last Saturday was a grand success. The band, the fireworks, the crowd, the speakers, the big glasses, in short everything was there that could helpt the meeting to "materialize" and it did. The assemblage, which was very enthusiastic, was
addressed by Messrs. Gustavus ST. GEM, Thos. B. WHITLEDGE, and August MENARD. Capt. ST. GEM gave a short history of the Chicago convention, at which he was present, and refuted some of the most common charges brought against the Republican nominees, winding up with the remark that he was confident that success would attend the Republican ticket this time as it had for the last 24 years and that BLAINE and LOGAN would be triumphantly elected next fall. Mr. WHITLEDGE addressed the meeting in his usual fluent and impressive manner on the general principals and present hopes and aspirations of the Republican party. After the closeof the speech, the usual cries for more speeches were heard from the audience and among those called for was our friend August MENARD, who had taken a very active part in planning as well as executing the programme of the evening and was most conspicuous during the progress of the meeting by the activity which he displayed on a raised platform superintending in person the fireworks provided for the occassion. He quickly responded to the call and by a few spirited remarks set the whole assemblage aglow with enthusiasm. In fine, the whole affair was a success in every way and proved conclusively that the Republicans of Ste. Genevieve county are determined to adhere to their party in national politics, notwithstanding the fact that the majority of them had hoped to see EDMUNDS rather than BLAINE chosen as standard bearer of the party.

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