12 July 1884/Ste. Genevieve Herald/Personals

Ste. Genevieve Herald
Ste. Genevieve, Mo.
Saturday, 12 Jul 1884


Miss Gussie MENARD is visiting in St. Louis.

Judge BROWN and lady, of Perry Co., were in town this week.

Dr. BYRNE was in town Sunday and returned home Monday.

Mr. John CUMMINGS, of St. Louis, is here spending a few days with his father.

Mr. James BERRY returned from Kansas City where he had been at work for a few months.

Mr. Frank BETTEN came up from the Cape last week to celebrate Uncle Sam’s birthday in his old home.

Dr. ANDRE and his two daughters, Misses Annie and Irma, visited Prairie Du Rocher, Ill., on Tuesday.

We noticed Mr. John CROWDER and Mac COFFMAN, of Coffman, Mo., on our streets on Thursday of last week.

Mr. Wm. CONNERS and wife came over from Prairie Du Rocher last Sunday to have their last offspring christened at the Catholic church.

Mr. and Mrs. Chas. FISHER, of St. Louis, were here this week spending a few days with their parents. They returned home on Wednesday last.

Mr. James HARRIS and lady, of St. Louis, spent the 4th in town. Jimmy is no secretary of the Waterman, Campbell Iron Co., of St. Louis.

Mr. J.W. NATIONS, proprietor of Nation’s Mills, of Saline Township, was in town last Friday enjoying the 4th and making friends; he is a candidate for surveyor.

Miss Norma SCHMID and Miss Amelia KOESTER, two lively and handsome young ladies from St. Louis are the guests of Mrs. Carl A. MUELLER. They were tendered a seranade by the string band on Saturday evening.

A small party consisting of Mr. and Mrs. FISHER of St. Louis, Misses Annie BERNAYS. Lucie ROZIER, Clara HERTICH and A.C. HERTICH, Esq., enjoyed a  delightful fishing recreation on the River aux Vases, near GILLIM’s Bluff last Tuesday.

Last Sunday we had the pleasure of shaking hands with our friend Amadee KEMPF, who was here to visit his mother. Mr. KEMPF has gone into the milling business for himself, in Delmont, Mississippi Co., Mo., and is doing well.

Mr. John F. SCHUCHERT, of Chester, Ill., in company with his wife and daughter Miss Alice, a handsome blonde, was here this week visiting old friends. His visits are always cordially received by the Ste. Genevieve people, and we trust that he will make our neat and quiet little city home at an early day.

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