12 July 1884/Ste. Genevieve Herald/Misc

Ste. Genevieve Herald
Ste. Genevieve, Mo.
Saturday, 12 Jul 1884

Wheat, new, 80; old, 85.

The glorious Fourth was a glorious day.

"Fogg’s Ferry" at Union Hall this evening.

Blackberries were selling for 75 cents a bucket this week.

The City Mills shipped 50 barrels of new flour on Wednesday.

Don’t fail to see P.A. MENARD as Judge in Fogg’s Ferry to-night.

We make our compliments to the Progressive Cornet Band; they play well.

The dedication of the Chestnut Ridge Baptist Church will take place on the
third Sunday in July.

Joseph KOHM has one of the finest mares in this county. He was offered $250
which he refused.

There has been a big drop in wheat, owing to an absence of foreign demand
and the incoming big crop.

Last week was fine for harvesting and farmers were happy. Corn is jumping;
you can almost hear it grow.

The colored base ball club, "Scraps," defeated the colored boys of Cheester
by a score of 21 to 16, on Sunday last.

Judge BANTZ has a valuable cow and calf for sale. He says she is a No. 1
BLAINE and LOGAN cow and gives good Republican milk.

At the city election in the 3rd ward on Thursday of last week, Dr. C.F.
CARSSOW was elected alderman with 13 votes, without opposition.

The Progressive Cornet Band has enlivened our city with the sweetest strains
of music during this week, playing for the BARLOW-ARLINGTON Combination,

A party of young folks gave a picnic at GROBE’s Grove Wednesday. All
enjoyed themselves hugely until a shower hurried them home early in the

The Cone Mills will begin operations next week. They reduced the price per
barrel in the cooper shop from 10 to 9 cents. The coopers complain bitterly
about the reduction as they considered it too small before.

We understand that the "Buena Vista Silver Cornet Band" of Chester, Ill., of
which Mr. John F. SCHUCHERT is the leader, will furnish the music for the
picnic of the Colored Benevolent Society to be held in GROBE’s Grove on
August 1st.

Dolly Ann, the colored woman that killed Joseph GREIN here about ten years
ago and was sentenced to twenty-five years in the pen for the crime, was
pardoned by Gov. CRITTENDEN last week. We could not ascertain the grounds
on which she received her pardon.

Sam STANTON states that we will have a daily packet running to St. Louis;
the Ste. Genevieve and Elliott. One runs from St. Louis to Liberty Landing,
the other from St. louis to Grand Tower. It will be quite an accommodation
to our people as they can leave and return any day they chose.

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