12 July 1884/Ste. Genevieve Herald/Misc II

Ste. Genevieve Herald
Ste. Genevieve, Mo.
Saturday, 12 Jul 1884

The city marshal requests all citizens of Ste. Genevieve to clear the sidewalks in front of their dwellings of grass and weeds. This is a measure that will largely conduce to the health of the city, the comfort of pedestrians and to the neat appearance of the streets, and noboy should be backward in complying with the request.

We are under obligations to Messrs. WEHNER & BOLLE of the City Mills for 25 pounds of flour made from the first new wheat brought to them by Jacob KRUSE, Esq., who enjoys the reputation not only of having furnished the
first load of new wheat this season but also having received the highest price that has probably been paid for wheat since a number of years; they paid him $2 a bushel. The flour is excellent and would make the reputation
of any mill in the United States. Many thanks, gentlemen.

The Fourth passed off very quietly and full of fun, especially on the picnic grounds, Charley HAUG, clad in the garb of an officer of the Revolutionary war and carrying aloft the Star Spangled Banner, led the van in the turnout in the morning and made a very good figure. The weather, though warm, was fine throughout the day and crowds of people swarmed to and from the grove all day. Our friend George SEXAUER must have had a good day, as numbers of people complained that they wouldn’t get the near the bar to get refreshments.

On July 4th the Riversides of this place and SCHOTTEN’s nine of St. Louis played a match game at GROBE’s Grove, in which our "duded" met with their first defeat this season. Only eight innings were played, as the "Elliott" came unusually early and the St. Louis boys had to be on their posts the next day. Space will not permit our going into the details of the game.  The score: Riversides – 4 Schotten’s Nine – 15.

The Barlow-Arlington Combination has been performing at the Union Hall every night this week. Everybody who has attended their entertainments speaks well of their troupe. Mr. H.W. BARLOW supported by the talented young American actress Miss Myra ARLINGTON, make a team which is hard to beat. The rest of the company is well up in their parts and the troupe as a whole is the best that has appeared here for some time. The members of the
company are not only No. 1 actors, but also perfect ladies and gentlemen and ornaments to their profession. To-night they will close their season here and we hope that the people will show their appreciation of the efforts of
the company to please them by giving them a crowded house for their farewell night. Fogg’s Ferry will be presented to-night; in which our young friend P.A. MENARD will make his debut as the Judge.

The proprietors of MAXWELL’s Hill had that property laid off in lots this week in order to add it to the city as a new addition, probably under the name of "The Valle Addition to the City of Ste. Genevieve," This is a praiseworthy undertaking and ought to be followed up by the construction of at least one road leading directly from the town up to the hill. It will not only add immensely to the value of the property, but will give the town people a picnic ground that has not its equal in the neighborhood of Ste. Genevieve, in point of convenience, fittness and beauty of situation.

In the announcement column this week will be found the name of Mr. J. W. NATIONS as a candidate for the office of county surveyor. Mr. NATIONS is not an office seeker, but yields to the urgent requests of his numerous friends, among whom are numbered many of the leading Democrats of Saline Township, as Judges John COFFMAN and George W. GRIFFITH, ‘Squire CLEVELAND, Mr. B.S. PRATTE, and others. Though an unpretending man, Mr. NATIONS is well known as possessing a high order of intelligence and a great fund of knowledge. As the owner of a steam mill his private studies have mostly been directed to mechanical emgineering, but of late his attention has been drawn toward mensuration and surveying, and he has, by practical work, shown that he is fully competent to hold the important and responsible position of county surveyor and commissioner of roads and bridges.

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