— Information: Read Me First!

With this site gaining in popularity, people have started to request that their family genealogies be posted somewhere.  If you are wanting to post some information on your family, yet it’s more than you feel should be posted in the surname queries and less than you feel would warrant a family tree website, this is the section for you.  Of course, there are a few ground rules:

— If at all possible, we would prefer for you to submit your own information.  This is really not too terribly hard of a task.  You would need to be registered at this site (quick, easy, painless: see the menu bar) and then drop me an email for promotion from regular member to author/contributor and you would then be able to submit information to not just the genealogies part of the site but several others.  After being registered and promoted, you would visit the registered user’s menu and click on “submit history.”  From there you would fill out all the required fields, submit your information, and it would be sent to me for approval.  I will then publish it to the site for everyone to view.  For more detailed info on this, see our help page on submitting info.

— If you cannot submit your own information, it’s not a problem, just email it to me by using one or both of the forms you can find in the menu.  (The standard contact form or the email-a-file form.)  I just ask that you still register so that after posing your info, I can still assign you as author of the info and later, if you like, you can still edit it and that your name is applied to it as owner.

Now, for information on your genealogies:

— If you just have minimal to adequate information on your whole family you’d like to post, put it all in one post.  If you have several different families (with more extensive information) you’d like to talk about, please do a post for each one of them.

— Please refrain from submitting information on living individuals unless you are that person and understand the risks and/or you have specific permission from the individuals you are posting.  Try to keep these genealogies to ancestors and their relatives more than today’s descendants since those will be the people that people are searching for.

— Note that the webmaster has the right to remove any information deemed to be inappropriate or too personal.  The webmaster also has the right to change the title of your posts to better organize the website overall.

— Stegenevieve.net takes no responsibility for incorrect information.  We would rather not be emailed regarding your info with updates or changes, etc.  It’s not that we don’t enjoy doing all of this, it’s just that we get so much email from this site already!!  So, please be sure to post your email address so that people can get in touch with you!!  However, as of November 2010, posts will also have a comment form that users can fill out.  You will be emailed comments so please keep your email address updated here!

— Feel free to post images and such to the site.  If you need to add images, please email the webmaster and we’ll discuss the best way to do it.  If you have a rather large document you’d like to post, please consider placing the text of it in another post and then linking to it.

These guidelines may be updated at any time!

Please contact me if you have any problems, questions, suggestions, etc.!!

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