World War II

Ste. Genevieve in World War II
More info on WWII is to come, but for now,
you may read about the POW Camp in the Weingarten area, 1942-1945.

See also: Local WWII Hero Wolf Remembers Days As POW

Ste. Genevieve Honored

Clyde D. Adams, Thomas T. Bailey, Valentine A. Bauer, James A. Bourque,
Leo D. Donze, Marion B. Donze, Orville J. Gettinger, Anthony A . Grass,
Marion J. Grass, Lee F. Griffard, Elmer Herman, Edgar B. Herzog,
Francis S. Hoog, Clement R. Hurst, Oscar L. Iseman, Robert L. James,
Peter L. Jokerst, Anthony P. Kreitler, Lemuel Martin, John L. Mills,
Robert A. Moreau, Everett B. Poggemoeller, Noel M. Richards, Willie H. Robinson, William D.
Sanford, Ralph T. Smith, Clarence W. Weiler, Doyal H. Welch, Floyd C.
Young, Clifford Heob, Joseph Lee Hiller, Eugene Joseph Klien, Nicholas
V. Rottler, Vincent Joseph Schilli

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