World War I

Many men from Ste. Genevieve served in the first World War.  To search for your ancestor, go to – this is the Missouri state archives search site that contains World War I registration cards (only for Missouri).
A few who did serve were (add to this list by contacting the webmaster):

Angel, Everett
Bahr, Johnie H.
Beckmeyer, Richard F.
Bookholtz, George Morris
Brown, Louis A.
Ehler, Valentine Thomas

Gegg, Andrew
Gegg, August L.
Gegg, Edward J.
Gegg, Raymond F.
Grass, Edward P.
Grass, George F.

Grass, Lawrence L.
Grieshaber, Alexander Ben
Grieshaber, Charles Anton
Halpin, Charles P.
Kiefer, William P.
Kreitler, Anthony

Kreitler, Daniel J.

Kreitler, Henry
Kreitler, Louis
LaFleur, Ebert A.
Lawrence, Edward Joseph
Lurk, William H.

Army Serial # 3,264,509
Street and house number: STE GENEVIEVE, MO
*Inducted at: STE GENEVIEVE on 6/24/1918
Served overseas from † 8/30/1918 To † 7/18/1919

Martin, Henry L.
Moser, Ernest F.
Papin, Lambert S.
Thomure, Emanuel J.
Thomure, Jessie J.
Thomure, Levi J.

Wenget, Bernie

Ste. Genevieve Honored Veterans for WWI

Everett Angel,
George Morris Bookholtz, Louis A. Brown, Valentine Thomas Ehler,
Charles P. Halpin, William P. Kiefer, Ebert A. LaFleur, Edward Joseph
Lawrence, Henry L. Martin, Lambert S. Papin, Bernie Wenget

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