Ste. Genevieve: 1900’s

The information age


A view down Main Street, about 1908


Ste. Genevieve Telephone Numbers,
July 21, 1900

From the Ste. Genevieve Fair Play.
Ste. Genevieve Directory Arranged
Alphabetically–Call By Number.

48. Andre Dr. V. J.
13. Biel C. H. & Co.
26. Boverie Mercantile Co.
11. Boverie John, (Residence)
31. Boverie Edward, (Residence.)

30. Brewery.
47. Burgert Charles.
39. Carssow Drug Co.
29. City Mills.
33. Court House.
27. Hinch & Douglas’ Drug Store.

17. Huck Peter, (Residence.)
38. Herzog & Wipfler.
15. Hertich Dr. C. J. (Residence.)
10. Jokerst Brothers & Yealy.
45. Jokerst Francis, (Residence)

46. Jokerst Charles, (Residence.)
15. Lanning’s Drug Store.
51. Lelie Emile, (Residence.)
  9. Meyer’s Hotel.
25. Naumann’s Meat Shop.
  6. News Office.

40. Okenfuss’ Hardware Store.
49. Petrequin Felix, (Residence)
50. Petrequin Jules, (Residence.)
18. Post Office.
  7. Rehm’s Saloon.
53. Rozier’s Bank.

  4. Rozier’s Cash Store.
  5. Rozier Felix, (Residence)
37. Sexauer, Wm., (Saloon.)
  1. St. Mary.
14. Tlapek Imp. & Lumber Co.

41. Vorst’s Livery Stable
42. Vorst Joseph, (Residence.)
12. Weiler, Joseph, (Residence.)


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