1. How can this township claim any status of being a national historic park and/or area settlement when local farmers have already totaling destroyed at least one of the sacred burial mounds for the Indian tribe???

    1. Author

      I really couldn’t tell you but if it’s private property, it’s private property. And the mound is, as far as I am aware, the only one, there are not several around here. It is also not “totally destroyed” nor is it in the part that would be the national park, it’s quite a bit of ways out of town.

      1. No disrespect but there were two mounds and the one across from Loida is still somewhat intact but the other one has been plowed away. Unfortunately if a tree has heritage near Ste. Genevieve the roots do extend out.
        I hang and respect my friends of Ste. Gen. but I am not fooled by the so called uneducated reponses of the surroundings. A lot of negative needs filtered and repaired.
        Have a nice day with all due respect,

        1. Author

          Sorry, but I literally have no idea what you’re talking about.

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