Project Pioneers

Each year, the Project Pioneers committee selects one French family and one German family to be honored at the Jour de Fete (held annually the second week of August in Ste. Genevieve.  The committee and members of the families all contribute information to be collected into one book for the family.  These books can be purchased or found in the Ste. Genevieve library.*
(Please forgive any sketchy or incorrect information, I am not on this committee.)

Year French
German African American
1989 Deguire LaRose Rottler  
1990 Boyer Drury  
1991 Aubuchon Naeger  
1992 Lalumondier Jokerst/Joggerst  

— the Flood of 93 —

1994 Govreau Basler  
1995 Carron Gegg  
1996 Papin Fallert  
1997 Thomure Flieg  
1998 Valle Okenfuss  
1999 Bequette Huck  
2000 Maurice Grass  
2001 Griffard Armbruster  
2002 Dorlac Bahr  
2003 Robert-Politte Bauman/n  
2004 LaBruyere Herman/n Brooks





2007 LaHaye Schweigert  
2008 Curtois Schweiss  

 * The books can often be found in the library, that is.  Some people do not understand the importance of sharing and these books have been known to disappear from the library.  For instance, I know that the Thomure book has been missing for some time now.  It was once there and now (Dec 2006) is not.  If you are driving a good distance, you may want to call the library first to verify if the book you need is there or not.


  1. I am related to several of the German families listed above: Naeger, Fallert, Roth, Schweigert, and Schweiss. Would like to know if there’s any way I can purchase copies of the family books I’ve listed. Thanks.

    Evonne Grither

  2. I sent this note out a year ago to you — would like to get an answer to my previous question about purchasing these books if possible (or at least a point of contact of someone who can answer the question). Thanks.
    Evonne Grither

    1. Author

      Yes and I did respond to you, via email. Please contact the library, they should be able to put you in contact with the Jour de Fete committee. Or you may be able to search the committee online and find contact info quicker. Good luck.

  3. Do the still do the Jour de Fete, or were there no other families after that books were made for after 2008? Would be interested to if there were or are plans to do any for the Charleville/Chauvin or Gerard families. I will also try to contact the Jour de Fete committee. Thanks

    1. Author

      I honestly do not know. I believe they are still at it, but I do not have any information with which to update this page right now. If anyone knows, I am happy to extend the information here. Good luck!

  4. Anything newer than 2008. I’m interested in de Lassus

    1. Author

      I honestly don’t know. I believe they have, but I do not have any lists. If anyone has that information, I will gladly update this page.

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