New Offenburg


  • Telephone exchange: 883-xxxx
  • Zip code: 63670 (63661 acceptable, PO Box only)
  • Township: Ste. Genevieve
  • Namesake: according to a translator, Offenburg is German for
    "Open Castle"

Was settled by 1840….

New Offenburg First Baptist Church
    On March 14, 1959, after a religious
survey of the New Offenburg community, the Chestnut Ridge Baptist
Church, with pastor Rev. J. R. Wagoner, voted to sponsor a Baptist
mission at New Offenburg, MO
    On April 5, 1959, with four people present, services were
begun in a small green-shingled 14’x20′ building, Grace Chapel, that
for an umber of years had been the meeting place of other religious
denominations, but for some time services had been abandoned.
    on April 12, 1959, better organized, the mission met with
twelve people present: Rev. E. W. Towler, speaker; Glenn Branson,
Sunday School superintendent; Anna Branson, teacher and pianist;
Mildred Roe, teacher; Audie Branon, teacher; and others of the
community.  In May, Larry Johnson, licensed minister, became
their mission’s first pastor.
    In July, 1961, Gale Hinkle became mission pastor.  At
this time, a building fund was started.  The attendance had out
grown the space, and the need for a larger building was evident. 
in March 1963, the old New Offenburg hall was purchased, and in
April 1963, the New Offenburg hall became the New Offenburg Baptist
Chapel, leaving the name Grace Chapel behind.
    In December 1963, Rev. John Butts became mission pastor. 
By now, the mission was able to take care of its own financial
problems without the aid of the mother church, a mission treasurer
was elected, and an account opened with United Bank of Farmington. 
In August 1964, the mission began regular gifts of 10% of regular
offerings to the Cooperative Program, Southern Baptist Convention,
and 5% of regular offerings to Mineral Area Association.
    In September 1966, Rev. James Porter became pastor of New
Offenburg Baptist Chapel.  New families were enrolled;
improvements were made to the building, including Sunday School
rooms and a gas furnace.  In January 1969, Rev. Noel Johnson
became pastor of New Offenburg Baptist Chapel.  Sunday school
enrollment was up.  A mission clerk was elected.  The need
of a new building became a priority, and a building committee was
appointed.  October 1969, excavation was begun for the basement
of a new building.  Excavation and basement walls and floor
were completed by contractors.  The mission members took over
at that point to finish the basement.  Slowly, but surely, the
work progressed, and on May 17, 1970, services were held in the
basement.  The old New Offenburg hall, which had been the
mission home since 1963, was tore down, and the ground leveled off
for a parking area.
    In August 1972, a contract was awarded for construction of a
building on the basement.  In November 1972, the mission was
constituted into a church and later became affiliated with the
Mineral Area Association.  The New Offenburg Baptist Chapel
became the First Baptist Church of New Offenburg.  The outside
walls, floor and roof were done by contract, and after that, the
church family finished out the new building.  Again, slowly but
surely, the work progressed, and on September 15, 1974, services
were held in the new sanctuary.  the building was dedicated on
November 3, 1974.
    Rev. Noel Johnson was recalled as pastor, when the church was
constituted, and remained as pastor until December 31, 1932
1982??].  Rev. Stan Brown is the present pastor.1

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1. Ste. Genevieve
Family Histories

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