New Bourbon

Nouvelle Bourbon

        New Bourbon was
established in 1793 and was located about two miles south of the
city of Ste. Genevieve.  It was created to be a special
settlement for French Royalist families living in exile.  In
command was Pierre Charles DeHault Delassus de Luziere, who was of
nobility.  Jean Rene Guiho, Lord of Kelgand, and Jacques DeMun
(father of August DeMun) were
others of nobility to live in New Bourbon at some time. 
However, because many more of the nobility never made it there and
many others left after only a short time, citizens of Ste. Genevieve
began to show interest in the land and lay claim.  Some of
those in the early 1800’s were: Nicholas Calliot dit LaChance,
Joseph Tessereau, Jerome Mattis, Louis Tonnelier, Pierre Chevalier,
Louis and Paul Dequire.
        The only house that remains (as of
1978, I will check this out), is the old Tessereau place.  No
city streets or landmarks remain, but I’ve been told that New
Bourbon Road off of Hwy 61 still marks them with its sharp corners.


1. Ste. Genevieve: Mother of the West, 1725; Lucille Basler,
1979; pages 36-37

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