Louis Delcommune House

The following taken with permission from http://www.mainstreetinnbb.com/delcom.htm

Image Built by Louis DelCommune sometime between 1820 and 1850.  It is a log and heavy timber cabin on what is now the corner of LaHaye and LaPorte. Shortly after building,  the cabin (built on a substantial limestone foundation) was enlarged to include another room in the rear and a second story addition with attic space (accessed from the outside).

Between 1860-65, the house was used as a medical dispensary for the Union Army which was camped in the area. A Civil War belt buckle and insignia from a cap were found under the building in 1994. The property has never had any archeological excavations so there is still much to uncover.

Restoration has begun on this house fairly recently.  For more information, please see the link above!



Photo January 2007, Valerie Holifield

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