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  • Township: Jackson
  • Located on Kinsey Rd south of Route DD


Kinsey Mission
   The mission church in Kinsey was located off K Road in northern Ste. Genevieve County.  The town of Kinsey was named for William M. Kinsey, Congressman from 1889-1891, 51st Congress, 10th District of Missouri.
    Kinsey Mission began in 1907, being organized by Pastor R. A. Boyd and the congregation of Lebanon Baptist Church
[Bloomsdale].  Brother Boyd pastored both Kinsey Mission and Lebanon Church.
    The historical committee has on file a deed described as follows: "This indenture made on the 25th day of March A.D. 1907 by and between Mathias Umbdenstock and Belle Umbdenstock, his wife, of the County of Ste. Genevieve, State of Missouri.  Parties of the first part and L. J. Akins and Peter B McClanehan of the County of Ste. Genevieve, State of Missouri, parties of the second part, witnesseth that the parties of the first part, in consideration of the sum of twenty-five dollars to them paid by the parties of the second part, the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, does by these presents grant, bargain, sell, convey, and assigns the following described lots, tracts, or parcels of land lying and situated in the County of Ste. Genevieve and state of Missouri, to wit:
    "Beginning at the southeast corner of a parcel of land deeded to I. P. Carron and company, by deed made and dated February 5, A.D. 1891 by F. C. Primo and Catherine Primo, his wife, and Mary Primo.  Thence running north the width of said lot, thence west fifty (50) ft., thence south the width of said lot to the bank of the Micheau Creek, thence east along the Micheau Creek to the place beginning.
    "In trust that they build a house of worship for the missionary Baptist, provided that the building be used for no other purpose, only religious worship.  If it is, it falls back to the original owner."
    Micheau Creek was named for the appointed land commissioner, Sainte Armound Micheau.  L. J. (Lewis) Akins and P. B. (Peter) McClanahan were trustees from Lebanon Church chosen to handle this deed.
    The Lebanon Church with the aid of Pastor Boyd, did erect a small frame church 18'x30'.  Mr. Primo said the church house stood near where the old Kinsey store and post office were in Kinsey.  We have since found that it stood some 200' east of the old store.  It took two years to complete the building of Kinsey Mission.
    In 1909, we find the first reference to Kinsey Mission in the Jefferson County Association minutes, "the condition and need of a mission station at Kinsey, Missouri was then discussed by F. J. Bailey, W. A. Ridge, J. H. Bailey, and E.J. Hamrick.  Pledges were then taken to aid in the establishing of a Baptist Church building of Kinsey Mission."
    In October 1911, at Kinsey Mission Point, these joined the church: Sister Dore Solburger, Sister Florence Murray, Sister Lizzie Solburger, Brother Norvel Solburger, and Brother Lester Jennings.  The new trustees for Kinsey Mission from Lebanon were Brothers Hensley Akins and Lewis Akins.
  By the spring (May), Brother J. C. Rasnic was called as pastor at Lebanon, and he also preached for Kinsey Mission.  There was a Sunday School (Sabbath School) at Kinsey, recorded in a pledge they made to mission.  Joseph Scobel was Sunday school director at Kinsey, and it is stated that later Lavada Erb (nee Akins) served in that capacity.
    On October 1, 1916, J.C. Rasnic held a thirteen day meeting at Kinsey.  He preached 15 sermons, visited 17 homes, had 7 conversions, 5 baptisms, 6 church additions, and made a collection of $8.05.  He reported Sabbath School every  Sunday, prayer meeting every Wednesday night, and B.Y.P.U. (Baptist Young People's Union) every Sunday night.
    After 1920, there is no reference to Kinsey Mission in the Association records, and during the 1930's, the little mission fell on hard times.  In February 1931, a motion was made and seconded at the Lebanon Church business meeting that they help carry on the Sunday School at Kinsey and have preaching service once a month.  In 1934, it was moved that Brother Bill Richardson's offer to come to Kinsey and preach, be accepted and motion carried. 
    In September 1937, Lebanon Church met at Kinsey Mission for the purpose of organizing a Sunday School.  It was moved and seconded that Brother Gilbert be elected Sunday School director.  Brother Donald Akins was elected as teacher of young people, and Sister Iva Umbdenstock and Sister Hattie Primo were nominated as junior teachers.
    On June 10, 1939, Lebanon Church came together in a called meeting to discuss plans for building another Kinsey church on K Road.  Brother Akins, Hensley Akins, Ben Umbdenstock, Mac Umbdenstock, and brother Gilbert were appointed to make an investigation and formulate plans.
    On August 27, 1939, Sister Lola Umbdenstock reported she had seen Maynard Umbdenstock about selling Kinsey Mission property, and a discussion on building a church followed.  On June 22, 1940, a committee formed to see about selling Kinsey property.  Hensely Akins and Lewis Akins, trustees at Lebanon, were appointed to see if Umbdenstock heirs would sell the property.  On July 28, 1940, the committee reported they thought the best thing to do was drop the selling of Kinsey Mission property.  Committee was discharged.
    The town of Kinsey dwindled until there wasn't much town left.  All the area had hit on hard times, and by August 1924
[???], the trustees at Lebanon were again given permission to sell Kinsey property.  On January 24, 1943, the committee in charge of selling the church house at Kinsey reported an offer of $100.00 for the house.  In February, the church house along with the benches and stove was reported sold for the sum of $100.00.  It was decided to put the money in a bond at Bloomsdale Bank.
    After the little church house at Kinsey was sold, a Mrs. Gimple lived there until she died.  She was an aged lady, and they found her sitting at the window where she had been looking out on what was left of Kinsey.  Around 1944, the post office and store closed and the church building caught fire and burned.  What remained of the building had to be torn down.
    Now, in 1987, it is hard to find the exact spot where the little church at Kinsey was located, for it was become a lawn green with grass.  Kinsey church has disappeared along with the town, and who is let to remember when the old mill on Micheau Creek ground grain or that it later became a tavern and dance hall?    Or who is left that remembers when the store carried all the supplies the local farmers needed?  Or when Mr. Noce and others carried the mail on horseback from Rush Tower to Danby to Plattin to Rolfe's Station and then to Kinsey to Mr. Arthur Labruyere at the post office and on back to Rush Tower?
    As the cities grew larger, and transportation became better, the little towns and hamlets of the backwoods disappeared to only live in someone's memory, and soon this too will disappear.
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Jackson School
        The old Jackson School was located on what is now Jackson School Road, off of Highway DD in the Kinsey area, it was apparently known as District #6.
        The following is a photo of the students at the school in 1932.  Thank you out to Patricia Vandergriff for this photo!!


Please click on the photo to see it full-size.
The children in the photo with stars on them are: Everett B. Poggemoeller and Lillian J. (Poggemoeller) Winkler.  Here is a nearly-full list of individuals:

Front row: Right to left
F.C. Primo
? Ditch
Glen Hoover
Far left: ? Ditch
Next to Ditch: Milfred Bayer
2nd. row: Right to left
Everett Poggemoeller (My dad)
Bernard Werner
Collin Labaraye
Earl Bayer
Frank Madrosky
Vernon Clemmons
3rd row 4th from right: Lillian Poggemoeller (Everetts Sister)
Last row:Left to right
Teacher: Leona Thomas
Virginia Bayer
Orpha Primo
Zelda Madrosky
Mamie Whistleberger

More info on the school and this area to come!


1. Ste. Genevieve Family Histories


  1. My great grandfather Peter Primo owned over 600 acres of Kinsey MO. My grandfather Frank C Primo who passed away last year took over after he passed an farmed the land for another 20 years. My grandfather an father Randall A Primo founded an built the Kinsey Fire Department. We have family records that go way way back into 1860’s from when the Primeaux or Primo first settled and founded Kinsey MO. Along with the census of that time.

    1. I am a granddaughter of Jules and Anna Primo. Can you tell me the name and location of graveyard where Pimo’s are buried in Kinsey? We want to visit tomorrow

  2. I believe you have missed quite a bit of information. The Primeaux family as it was spelled then, founded Kinsey MO in The middle 1800’s. There are those as there always are who have laid claim, and/or have money to try an make it look otherwise. However, for the sake of my ancestors an in my grandfathers name Frank C Primo 1924-2016, it’s time it is corrected. They worked hard on this land farming, an yes it was partialed off, that is all true. Neighbors helped neighbors. My father Randall A Primo along with grandpa also helped to form the fire dept an get it built. If you would like more information feel free to email me. We have a chest full of the history.

    1. Mindy Primo House, my name is Michael Wittu I am a Lieutenant at the Kinsey Fire Department we are currently working on gathering history about our dept if you have anything our would like to talk to us about the history of this area and the dept please feel free to email us at (Enable Javascript to see the email address) thank you.

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