• Township: Saline
  • Previously known as: Ulam
  • Located on Route WW southeast of Coffman


    Clearwater is located on Highway WW in southwest Ste.
Genevieve County.  Jim Nations built a small store that
provided necessities for the people in the community.  When the
Nations got the post office, they enlarged the store building, and
named the town, perhaps getting the name from the creek that flows
nearby.  By enlarging the building, they increased their
grocery supply for the area.  later they added gas pumps as
cars became more numerous.  Like many other country stores of
the era, as folks came for supplies and mail, much conversation took
place as friends and neighbors exchanged "news" from the different
areas from which they came.
    The post office served the people for other 50 years. 
They came from several miles to receive their mail, as there was no
route service out of the post office.  Today, Clearwater no
longer has a post office; it has gone the way of many others. 
The people of the area receive their mail today from Ste. Genevieve,
HC Route 1.

a note about this source


1897 – post office map; given as Ulam


1895 – Ste. Genevieve county, given as Ulam


1. Ste. Genevieve
Family Histories

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