1. I have other information on some older small cemeteries around womack mo if you would like to know where they are exactly then please contact me there are 4 that I know of within 3 miles of each other that are hidden in the woods and are surrounded by private property im not sure of the names of the cemeteries

    1. I am interested in the cemeteries. Thanks.
      Mary Kiefer, Perryville, MO

  2. Hello. I would be interested in hearing where the other cemeteries are. I am a descendent of Robert & Louisa Womack, and my great grandfather and grandmother, as well as my grandmother, are buried in this cemetery. I have been looking for the grave locations of some of my ancestors, but have not been able to find them. I think, perhaps, a few my be buried in those other small cemeteries. Thank you very much for your offer.


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