1. My name is Daniel F. LaRose, and I have question pertaining the cemetery transcripts. My Uncle Francis Richard LaRose who passed away in 1961 is not listed and neither are his parents Francis LaRose who passed in 1981 and Delia LaRose who passed in 1980. The obituary that is on this site even states that he was buried in this cemetery. I am working on a family tree and I would like to know why these members of my family are not listed in the transcripts?

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    The listing we currently have on here is marked as being partial. Scott, who has done that listing thus far, lives about 4 hours away and has not been able to do the whole thing yet.

  3. I have several photos taken of Valle Springs Cemetery (Gerard, Panchot, Charleville). How do I post them here?

  4. I recently went to Valle Springs Cemetery and took more photos and would like to add them here if possible. I have probably 100-150 photos. I know a few months back you were have issues with the site and advised it would be easier to attach them in an email for you to add them, but I have a lot. I could sent them to you on a card or flash drive if you want them to add to the site. Just let me know

    1. Author

      I’m having the worst time with technology today! Have you ever used FTP?

  5. I am researching the BAHR family genealogy of
    the St. Genevieve area and have found info on all
    of my mother-in-laws family, with the exception of
    Joseph Bahr. We attended a family gathering many
    years ago and I met my husband’s extended family.
    At that time, I was not interested in the genealogy but
    since my husband has passed, I am very interested
    in passing this on to our children. Any info would
    be appreciated. I would be glad to check out the
    info and see if it pertains to my husband’s family.
    The names of my mother-in-law’s brothers and
    sisters are: Stella Bahr (Tom) DeGonia, John
    (Elvina) Bahr, and Marie Bahr (Mastin) Roth).
    Thank you for any info.

  6. My grandpa and I recently visited Valle Springs and noticed that Genevieve Schweiss old tombstone was removed and replaced with a new one. How can i find out where the old tombstone went? It was still legible and my grandpa would like to locate it. A contact or phone number that could help in the search is much appreciated.

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      Aaron, I would suggest first trying the Ste. Genevieve Catholic Church and see if they can point you in the right direction. Good luck!

  7. Is there a Thomas Lee Zobel buried there?

  8. Is there a Thomas Lee Zobel buried at Valle Springs?

  9. I have run across many obituaries of old in the area that state ” buried at the Valle Spring Catholic Cemetery” or “buried at the Catholic Cemetery at Valle Spring”.

    Can you confirm that this is indeed that cemetery? If so, is the Catholic portion separate as with many others?

    It is listed on Find A Grave as Valley Spring Cemetery aka Calvary Cemetery:


    If this is the case, You may also be interested in this fascinating story of how the cemetery came to be.



    1. Author

      Yes that is the right cemetery. It does have a Catholic side and a non-Catholic, same piece of land, separated by a short brick wall.

      1. Excellent! I did a lot of audits (newspaper obituary against Find A Grave) and was finding that was probably the case.

        The “Old Catholic Cemetery” as noted in many obits has people buried in Find A Grave’s Memorial Cemetery.


        Do you know if it also has a Catholic section?


  10. Are there Weilers buried there? My Heritage genealogy records say so.

    1. Mary, please go to findagrave.com and search under the cemetery name, Valle Spring Cemetery. You will find a number of Weilers listed there.

  11. My grandmother whom I was named after Marie Elizabeth LaRose died on the day I was born 10/22/1961 and it appears her gravestone was replaced with the INCORRECT dates. This is very upsetting. Who do I contact? I have her funeral book given to me by my mom.

    1. Author

      It is possible the transcription is incorrect. If there is no photo here to compare it to, possibly someone can go look first. Do you know where in the cemetery she is buried? It’s quite large so a section would be handy. Otherwise, I would try contacting the Ste. Genevieve Catholic Church and maybe they can point you in the right direction.

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