1. I would like to thank everyone for all of their time and effort in putting this site together. This site has been a blessing and I have enjoyed it very much. Thanks to each and all. Susan

  2. Constance Winston wife of Ely Boyer 1837-1855 should be listed at Codelia Winston consort of Ely Boyer. Ely Boyer is actually Hiliaire Esdras “Eli” Boyer born in 1833.

  3. Does anyone know what the huge depression in the ground is from? Looks like mining or a sink hole?

  4. Thank you so much for all your work! I just wanted to leave a quick note regarding “27- Micheal Klein–1864—age 4.”. I understand this is a transcription, but he was actually age “64” when he died. (That age is also confirmed on the headstone.) He one of my 3rd Great-Grandfather’s and a first from the family to come over from Germany. My related family tree is kept on Ancestry.com.

    Do you know if there are any other records related to those buried here? Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to track down his day/month of death. I’m guessing this is way too old for obits.

  5. Thank you for all your hard work! Question, is there a slave cemetery there? If so, are there any records?

    1. Author

      I don’t believe that there is. There’s the part of the cemetery where there were some non-Catholic and non-Protestant but I think most is comprised of like the victims from a steamboat explosion and things like that, some unidentified people that were found in the river, etc.

  6. I am looking for any DeMent(Dement) sirnames in the St.Geneveive area from 1790-1840. Any information von deaths would be very helpful. I am trying to do research for a history novel.

  7. Thanks everyone for all of the dedicated work you have done. I have a question on Memorial Cemetery. Does anyone have any info on “120- Samhson Hartzell–1851_ ? I don’t know who he is, but my GGGrandfather, Nicholas Hartzell from PA had a tannery in Ste. Gen. called Shingles/Slingard Tannery and was living with his wife, Mary Goza from GA. He died in 1822 while they were living in Ste. Gen. I am wondering if he was related to Samhson.

  8. Thank you for all this info! I really appreciate your work in putting this together. I have several relatives buried in Ste. Gene. I guess I should refer to them as “ancestors.” Thank you!!

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