1. I’m not sure I have the correct cemetery or not so maybe you can confirm one way or the other. I have a death certificate (MO State Board of Health) for my grandfather, Henry B Rongey that died September 13, 1936 and shows the burial at Germania Cemetary on September 15, 1936. Just wondering if you have any record of that?

    In addition, my grandmother was Lena (Purlena) Rongey and she died about 5 (?) years after Henry and I have no idea if she was buried at the same cemetery but I believe she is. Perhaps you have a record of her?

    When I was a kid my dad to me to a cemetery and pointed out the graves (and I think there were two) but I’m just not certain as to how many graves were there. Any information will be greatly appreciated.

  2. Author

    Hi Michele — if their names are not in the transcription then I personally have not seen their graves but it is possible that they were buried without a head stone or that we somehow missed them. I have not been to this cemetery in several years now. But I would assume that if the death certificate says so, then they are there somewhere. Best of luck!

  3. My grandfather is Vernon Zimmer (1926-2006), Son of Alberta Zimmer (1905-1932), Daughter of Martin John Zimmer (1875-1914). Martin Zimmer is my 2nd Great Grandfather… Is this cemetery open to the public? I live in Jefferson County, MO and I would like to come see this cemetery.

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