1. Does anybody know the exact location of this cemetery? We recently found a small cemetery in the woods on our property, and it is a mile south of T, just west of Womack in St. Francois county. Just wondering if this is the same cemetery. There are no writings on the gravestones that we can find, as of yet, so I’m having trouble verifying.

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      Interesting! Could be! Would you mind sharing some photos and maybe a more specific location (privately if you’re not comfortable here) and maybe I can ask around??

  2. I *think* this is the location of Ballard Cemetery. https://goo.gl/maps/KXxiUJHZEkk
    I haven’t verified, but I know it is right around there somewhere.

    The cemetery on my property is located near here: https://goo.gl/maps/b2sSUXD1NEK2

    My old neighbor had told me about the cemetery on my property, and said it was children from around the early 1900’s, when a bad flu or whooping cough epidemic hit. I never could find the cemetery until just recently. My current neighbor asked around, and spoke to someone who has lived in the area his whole life, and had been all through those woods, and he had never seen or heard of the cemetery on my property.

    There are about 5 or 6 stones that are still standing and are about 1ft by 1ft (rather small). My wife recently found a taller marker that had fallen over. It is about 2.5ft tall and 10in wide. Most of the markers are just small square stones, somewhat evenly spaced. No writing on any of the stones. There was a decorative wire fence around 7 of the stones at one time, but it has since fallen over.

    I spoke with the daughter of the previous owner of part of our property (her uncle owned the parcel with the cemetery at one time), and she had heard that the original landowner Louis/Lewis Labrot/Laborot and his wife Mary Ann, and a few of their children are buried there, along with a few other families. I have not been able to find any info on that Louis Labrot (he also had a son named Louis). I did find the death certificate for Mary Ann Labrot (Tucker), which indicates that she was buried over in Parkview Cemetery, however Parkview’s records don’t show her there. All other family members I can find are all buried in Parkview or in Mine La Motte, but I can’t find any records pre 1910.
    Also, Louis and Mary owned the 160 acres that adjoined the cemetery property, and I’m not aware of them ever owning the 40 that contain the cemetery, so I’m not sure why they would be buried on someone else’s property. A 1930 Plat map shows that a J L Murphy owned the property with the cemetery.

    I have a few photos of my cemetery, but don’t see any way to upload them into this post.

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      Sorry for taking so long to reply!
      Very interesting!! Unfortunately all of my genealogy and cemetery stuff is packed away right now (we moved last fall and haven’t yet finished our house) but I know that a book called Tombstone Tours marked the locations of lots of cemeteries. There was a copy in the library at least at one time. I need to figure out where mine is and dig it out.

      The website can’t take photos in comments but you’re welcome to send them to me and I can post them or we can create you as an author here to create a post. Since you’re positive your cemetery is not Ballard, we would create a new page for it. Please let me know if you’re interested and my email address is (Enable Javascript to see the email address). I would love to see photos!

      My personal guess would be that those buried in that cemetery must have been family members or close friends of the property owners or maybe it even served as a little community cemetery for the area. Since you’re not finding stones, or very small ones, I wonder if there might be more unmarked burials as well. Or just plain missing stones, stolen, destroyed, what have you.

    2. I am the G-G-Grandson of Louis/Lewis Laborot (LaBrot) and I have been looking for that cemetery for years. I have tried numerous times to contact Mary LaBrot who owned the property adjacent to the cemetery, (original land grant), but to no avail. Do you have pictures of the cemetery. I have a third cousin that said she visited the cemetery once and took pictures, but I haven’t seen any since. Would you mind sharing info about the cemetery and the pictures you have. Thanks David LaBrot

      1. David, We were there today during a family reunion trip, that Pat and Steve have attended. We went to that cemetery today. 4 of us looked and looked and could not find any headstones names LaBrot or any spelling. Kathy and Karen of Louis>James Bray>Raymond line.

        1. Cynthia, I spoke with David. His ancestors are buried at the cemetery on my property, not at Ballard Cemetery.

          I just found out from a neighbor that my cemetery is listed on the neighbor’s deed, even though it resides on my property. We estimate that there are about 25 burial sites, based upon the markers (rocks) and their placement. There are no other rocks in the vicinity, so it is easy to see them once all the leaves and brush are removed. About half are infants.

          The cemetery itself is in the middle of in the woods, at least 1/2 mile from anything. The only easy access is through my driveway, up an old logging trail. Its almost impossible to find if you don’t have someone take you up there. We went right by it for years and didn’t even notice it.

          1. Thank you Dennis. We figured that out right after I wrote that posting. Would you be willing to allow some of our family to come to the graves areas maybe next summer? Family lives in Farmington and at Dexter. I am from Indiana. We had a LaBrot reunion last Monday and visited many cemeteries. Afterward Steven and Pat explained that they had been there. At your property before you owned it. Thanks so much for the posting and information

          2. Sure. Just shoot me a message when someone wants to come out, and we can coordinate. Note that these messages keep getting sent to my junk folder, even though I keep marking them as not junk. So you can contact me directly at densmith67 @ outlook.com

          3. Thanks so much Dennis!! I’ll share your invitation.

  3. My family has a small family cemetery in Womack. Where on T are you speaking of. I am familiar with the area and could be help. Thanks

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      Hi Stephanie! Sorry but I have no idea! :) There used to be a kind of map in the book but I heard the book was lost from our library and my copy is packed deep away still.

      Is your family cemetery listed on this website?

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