1830 Census: Full Transcription & Images

Only heads of household are listed.  All other family members are numbered according to age and can be found by referencing the image under which the HOH is listed. 

  380a380b 380a 380b

Farley, Mrs.
Painter, Philip
Hanie, Charley
Horn, Thomas
Holloman, Edmond
Wells, John
Bryant, Jepe
Searcey, David
Alexander, Joseph I.
Meeks, Ararich
Patterson, James
Counts, Nicholas
Wolford, Daniel
Williams, James
Hammer, Joel
Crisp, John
Counts, William
Talbert, James
Griffard, Louis
Smith, John
Beard, Isaac
Ousley, Willis Y.
Johnson, Burwick
Hunt, Joseph T.
Duvall, Joseph
Scott, Obediah
381a 381b 381a 381b

Maddin, Richard
Kenner, Francis
Bigelow, Lewis
Beard, John S.
Bloom, Peter
Delbe, Joseph
Boca, Henry
Riddle, Jeremiah
Shaw, James
Delbe, Francis
Adair, William
Patterson, Joseph
Patterson, John
Yorter, Elijah
McFarland, John
Evans, George
Evans, William
Barrett, John S.
Roe, George W.
Boca, Nicholas
Boyd, William G.
Daquet, Peter
Heberley, Nicholas
Knox, Benjamin W.
Morris, Ryan
Reynolds, Samuel
382a 382b 382a 382b

Farris, William
Dyel, Thomas
Slagld, John
Counts, Gainum
Siglel, Samuel
Shaw, William
Counts, George
Hughes, Joseph
Coffer, George
Hunt, Noah
Cozins, William
Holmes, William
Maddin, James
Jackson, Wingate
Leavenworth, Ralph
Maddin, Thomas
Maddin, Phillip C. W.
Maddin, Malachi
Davis, Philip
Berry, John H.
Carron, Joseph
Lafon, Louis
Byington, James
Jackson, George E.
Donaldson, William
383a 383b 383a 383b

Craget, Robert
Govero, Michael
McLenahan, John
Bequet, Henry
Dufour, Felix
Lajiwal, Mrs. William
McLenahan, James
Jones, John
Hayes, John
Charleville, John B.
Drury, John
Brown, Benjiah
Scaggs, James
Holcomb, Nathaniel
Denham, John
Berry, William H.
Mitchell, Richard
Gates, William W.
Neely, Henry
Yinley, John
Robins, Prospect K.
Bartlett, Lemuel
Janis, Andrew
Janis, Mrs.
Sabourial, Piere
384a 384b 384a 384b

Bogy, Joseph
Grafton, Joseph D.
Lecompte, Elay
Strickland, Titus
Day, Charles
Keist, H. M.
Lane, Julia Ann
Batcher, Sebastian
Henderson, Robert
Shannon, William
Oklass, John
Hickey, John
Meagher, Ambrose
Zeigler, Mathias
Gregorel, Augustus
Zeigler, Sabastian
Zeigler, Francis
Gregoire, Charles
Obuchon, Mrs.
Linn, Lewis T.
Rozier, Ferdinand
Bossiere, John B.
Sergeant, Ichabod
Valle, Felix
Bisch, Albert Sr.
Amoreau, Michael
385a 385b 385a 385b

Clarke, James
McArthur, John
Marshall, William
Reed, William K.
Bush, William
Laport, Marie
Thomas, Peter
Dahman, Reverend Father
Trogue, Mrs.
Miller, Mrs.
Gillis, William
Menard, Michael
O’Neal, Joseph
LaChance, Antoine
Beauvais, Jemien
Bolduc, Peter
Durocher, Anthony
Ricar, Tropie
Louison, Mrs.
Prentis, Samuel
Dufourd, Perpait
Goin, Charles T.
Jones, George W.
St. Gemme, Auguste
St. Gemme, John
Jones, James
386a 386b 386a 386b

Bada, Michael
Butler, Joseph
Brugers, Mrs.
Lachapelle, Louis
Burk, Michael
Bastian, (Meg)
Janis, Francis Sr.
Ribaut, Antoine
Ricque, Antoine
Luegress, Mary
Luegress, Jenny
Langolis, Mrs.
Porleriguel, Mss
Lurgress, Arcan
Janis, Francis Jr.
Beauvais, Mrs. Vital
Scott, John
Morrison, James (slave)
Courtois, Lewis
Courtois, Jaques
Bolduc, Zachariah
Pepin, Lewis
Govero, Mrs. Etienne
Courtois, Anthony
Sevino, Antoine
387a 387b 387a 387b

Sevino, Francis
Sevino, Paul
Condale, Michael
Beauvais, John B.
Camille, John
Semino, Bazil
Diet, Henry
St. Gemme, Mrs. Vital
St. Gemme, Victoria V.
Ringel, Mrs.
Moro, Baq
Cere, Mrs.
Dufourd, Peter
Fauquier, Mrs.
Myatt, Nicholas
Guibourd, Mrs.
Dubidan, Dumas
Thomure, Francis
Gurna, Etienne
Bequette, Mrs.
St. Gemme, Brtmy
Gardino, Bat
Lalumandier, J. B.
Bequette, Antoine
Misse, Jacques
Larose, Felix
388a 388b 388a 388b

Larose, Alexander
Larose, John B.
Lalumandier, A.
Thomure, Antoine
Morice, Henry
Govero, Joseph
Labriere, Mrs.
Labriere, Pieire M.
Misse, Philip
Durand, Francis
Labriere, Felite
Laplante, Mrs.
Winston, James
Bayer, Gabriel
Thomure, Charles
Obuchon, Jacques
Rousin, Mrs.
Lachance, Mrs.
Thomure, Francis Sr.
Larose, Mrs.
Buyatte, Becket
Labriere, Julien
Gurna, Joseph
Placette, Michael
Govero, Joseph
Valle, John B. Sr.
Labriere, Felix
389a 389b 389a 389b

Valle, Francis B. Jr.
Placette, Joseph
Mobly, Mrs.
Lalumandiere, Francis
Tomure, Nicholas
Tomure, John B.
James, William
Caron, Artemas
Detechameny, Clement
Rousin, Michael
Bell, John
Frahaoux, Peter
Sweek, Martin
Govero, Francis
Morice, Piere
Hertick, Joseph
Rhodes, Cornelius
Gregoire, Charles Jr.
Brown, William R.
Brown, James S.
Brown, John S.
Pinkley, George
Dorlac, Piere
Bequette, John B.
390a 390b 390a 390b

Lachance, Gabriel
Robin, Piere
Governo, Henry
Griffard, Charles
Langley, Francis
Davis, Timothy
Govero, Lewis
Labriere, Lewis
Jarrot, Mrs.
Valle, Francis C.
Labriere, John B.
Robinden, John
Preso, Joseph
Lagrand, John W.
Range, Piere
Janis, Antoine
Montgomery, John
Lalumandiere, Vital
Janis, Edmond
Moore, Rrbert
Lalumandiere, Bazil
Lalumandiere, Francis
Haney, Joseph
Boyer, John
Boyer, Antoine
Larose, Antoine
391a 391b 391a 391b

Boyer, Joseph
Larose, Louis
Bon, Michael
Dequire, Anthony
Bauchong, John
R______, Piere
Dickey, Ebenzer
Pratte, Joseph
Stewart, Robert
Beauvais, Joseph V.
Bequette, Peter
Bequette, Joseph
Griffard, Michael
Tomure, Joseph
Tomure, Gabriel
Kinnel, Allen W.
Diel, Joseph
393a 393b 393a 393b

Closing remarks, totals.
Very hard to read.


  1. On the 1830 census there is an entry in the segment 391a – 391b that reads R_________, Piere (Pierre?) could the R____________ be Robitaille? I had two relatives who moved to the Illinois Country from Montreal in 1728.

    Thank you,

  2. Could Bauchong, John above 1830 census be John Beauchamp? He should have been living in the vacinity at this time.

    1. I would seriously consider it possible. I have a Jean-Baptiste Beauchamp’s widow living close by if that helps. I do not have siblings for my JBB yet but, his parents were Michael and Marie Elizabeth Sequin Beauchamp.

      1. Author

        Oh, most likely! I doubt “Bauchong” is any kind of surname anywhere, let alone around here. I literally cannot read any of these census images now though. :\

      2. I think you are referring to Mrs LaPlante? Are you sure that she isn’t sister in law to Barb Beauchamp? Also, I do not have Marie Elizabeth Sequin as wife to Michael, rather Marie Charlotte Guibault. I have some documents if you would like me to forward them to you or I can send you an invitation to my tree on ancestry if you want to share your email address with me. These documents are found in the gallery for JBB. Thands!

  3. I do not find any persons with name of Moreau.
    Micheal Moreau is supposed to have been a friend whose house one of the boys were going to. Any ideas? Could the name have been Amoreau and spelled wrong? I do not find that name in the census either. Her husband died in the War of 1812 and is not living.

    Mother of boys” Barb LaPlante Beauchamp spoke at Inquest (two of her sons drowned, Pierre age 16 & Francis age 21, both on the same day).

    State of Missouri

    An inquest held at the Bank of River Establishment near the house of John L Messe (sp?) to inquire into the death of Peter (Pierre) Beauchamp here lying dead.

    Mrs Barbe Laplante Beauchamp of lawful age being duly sworn says that the dead left his house the day before testerday to go to the house of Joseph Moreau, that she did not see the dead again until she saw his body here having been taken out of the water by Joseph Moreau house.

    Sworn to me and subscribed before me a Justic of Peace acting Coroner fpr the County of St Genevieve this third day of February 1826.

    Signed, Joseph D Grafton (seal) Barbe Laplante (her mark)

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